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Follow your pain is the contrast of the famous line follow your bliss. Most of our pains in life ought to tell us something or rather to teach us something. But sometimes, we tend to miss the lessons because pain as path to follow is never ideal.
We even tend to do away from it as much as possible.

But perhaps, following your pain will lead you into something. The journey may not be as light as following your bliss but surely there is something significant that you may discover as you go along or as you arrive at the end of it. Maybe it is an answer to a nagging question, or perhaps a life changing realization or possibly a change in one’s perspective.

Our pains mean more than just suffering, misery, or sorrow. At the very heart of our pains lie the very lessons of life. As we unlock our pains, we unlock the lessons, the answers, and the realizations that make us better than what we are now. God has always demonstrate throughout history that only in pain that we truly fathom that one virtue HE wanted us to learn, LOVE. He never promises us a life without pain, but what HE made sure of is that our pains are the keys to unravel the essence of HIS very nature, LOVE.The marks left by our pains are pieces to remind us that at the end of every battle, we have always been winners. Our marks signify what we bled for, what we fought for, and what we continue to live for. They may not be sweet reminders of what we went through, but they are what make us resilient over the years.

The pains we have in our individual lives right now have certainly so many things to teach us. It is okay to be afraid, to be confused, and to be anxious. True, it is never easy to embrace pain. But at the end of the day, these pains will never leave us. They may even haunt us if we keep on running away from them, only in facing them, going through with them, will we realize our pains are our disguised joys.

So next time you are hurt, just follow your pain.

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