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We are a race capable of great compassion and of great violence.  “Optimus Prime” (Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen)
Humans have been born with two specific tendencies, to be good and to be evil. Our freewill has always been challenged with these tendencies. True, sometimes it is easy to fall into temptation and just be as evil as you can be. In facing life’s circumstances, things have always been twice as tough as choosing the right thing and actually doing it.

What makes it difficult? Choosing right over wrong? Doing something right over something wrong?
The difficulty may arise as a result to rationalize a thing when we know we are about to do the exact opposite of what we are supposed to do. But if we are to think about it, when we decide to choose evil over right, we have the same set of capacity, freewill, and potential as choosing right over evil. And then again, these choices have their own set of consequences.

Well, theoretically speaking, this is what appears to be true. But people often agree that things change in reality. When we are in that situation, turn between good and evil, with all the emotions, conflicts, risks, and issues being considered; somehow that thin line that defines right and wrong suddenly become a large gap, that doing the right thing seems so distant and that evil seems so within our reach, even just an inch away from our face.

We are a species that undergo constant change. At some point in that decision making process, so many factors interplay with our freewill and these could just greatly affect how we may possibly act on things under different circumstances.

Our tendencies will always be there, we can’t argue on that. As we live day by day, life always throws at us the responsibility to carefully plan, understand, and choose to what tendency should we inclined to. We are to be active participants in cultivating our freewill as we are in constant battle as we go through the daily activities of this life.

It is in our hands that lays the growth and the decay of our own freewill. We can let it grow to be as strong and as tough so that we can continuously opt for better things or we can let it decay and let it be eaten up by our own tendencies to do evil.

Life has different ways to make us realize this precious potential we have in ourselves. We just have to make use of how life makes it all possible for us.

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