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We live day by day carrying the consciousness that our individuality may somehow make other people hate or love us. Somehow, it will reach a point that we will begin to care for those people who are willing and brave enough to accept us – for all that we are and all that we can be. We fight for their acceptance. We even begin to trade off certain things for that acceptance we long from them.

Sometimes, it leads us to bleed more than we could afford to. But bleeding means less crucial for what we want from these people, their acceptance. We think that at the end of the bleeding lies the acceptance, our gift, for everything we have worked for.

It takes one brave person to realize that individuality needs to be sacrificed or pieces of it, to search for the reasons of our existence. As they say, we can’t live in solitude. It means everyday, we are in constant search to battle this solitude that life may impose to us. We are lucky that every person is created within a family, may not be the typical or ideal family, but when we were born we have already people who can be with us, bonded by blood.

But as we grow up, we look for people who can accept us with everything that we have and everything that we don’t have. People, who are not connected with us by blood or affinity, people who are complete strangers. Strangers who will be connected with us with only one thing, love. These strangers may mean friends, loved ones, teachers, co-workers, and etc.

To realize that you love a certain stranger enables us to see that life is much more than being with our family. Our relationship with our family only prepares us for the many relationships that we will have when we come out in the real world, outside the comfort of our homes.

The relationships we have and we will have will always be a constant battle for us since as we go long, we will begin to see those that we need to let go and those that we need to keep for as long as we live. As much as we want to keep people in our lives, it so happens that there are only those few people that we truly need. So many relationships may suffocate us leaving us lonelier than we can ever be.

Maybe that is the reason why as we go long we may hurt people intentionally or unintentionally. The hurt is one of the many ways we unravel the relevance of the attachment that we have for some people in our lives. As we go through pain, we start to weigh things if these people are indeed people that we need or people who are wasting our time and effort.

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