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There comes a point in our life when you need to say it’s over for you. It’s over for the dreams you want to achieve, it’s over for the plans you have planning for the longest time, it’s over for the times you have been waiting for something to happen, and it’s simply over for the things you love to have and yet you simply can’t. Maybe it’s not about giving up, maybe it’s not about being brave, but it’s simply being humble enough to accept that all things have come to an end; an end for the efforts, the patience, the hope, and the time.

There are so many things we want to have in this life. We get so overwhelmed with the things that we can achieve given the skills and the opportunities life has to offer. But then again, we can only do so much. Maybe that is why we need to say it’s over.

Life doesn’t require us to do it all. Doing it all may simply mean doing nothing. It’s not about how many things you do in this lifetime, but it’s the quality of the things you do. The love, the passion, and the desire you have and you get when you do something. Somehow, when we get caught up with all these busyness we have, we tend to lose sight of what seems to be important in terms of quality.

If you take a closer look of your life, what you remember most are the times you have felt extraordinarily. It’s not the count of how many plans you have achieve, how many times you have tried to make some things work out for you, and how many times you have gained results on your game plans. Those remembered moments are the moments when opportunity and time perfectly combine to create the perfect feeling on every individual. Sometimes, the combination only happens in those few moments that we try to be the best in this life.

Don’t be sad if one day you’ll realize you need to say it’s over, because it’s over does not mean the end of you, it maybe the end of your dreams but not the end of your opportunity to make a new dream your reality.

We just have to pause for a while, see the beauty of life, and appreciate that in those moments we breathe in and out are the limitless opportunities we have to do something with quality and not just in quantity.

To those lots of dreams you have, choose the dreams you have to say it’s over. To those times you have devoted to wait, choose those times when you won’t wait anymore. To that love you have been giving, choose when to stop and say it’s just over.

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