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In a relationship, it requires more than just understanding everything but more importantly to understand the things that don’t make sense at all. Somehow, the only way to make sense of what is going on is to just understand it the way things are, no further analysis. People sometimes pursue so many arguments so as to come up on how things should be understood, forgetting that things are simply the way they are.

When we stay longer in a relationship, we find things are getting tougher to digest compared when the relationship is just starting. The longer you stay, you find that the person you are with, change from worst to best or best to worst, and sometimes you have to just take it all in. It comes with one of the many realities in the relationship.

That is why you need to love the person, love him or her more each day. This is for you to have something to shield you from the things that might question your strength in staying in the relationship. Love as they say binds it all. It holds you to a place wherein the only thing that matters is that you love the person and the rest seems to be unimportant. It puts you in a silence that the only voice you will hear is the voice of your heart telling you how much you love the person. And it gives you that certain willpower to make things bearable even at times when things seem to be overwhelming.

The love you have for the person transcends to a love for the relationship. The relationship becomes that one bigger thing that makes it more significant than your own respective interests. It becomes a common ground, a vertex, equilibrium for people to say that there is that one place wherein the only thing that makes sense is us, the union of you and me.

But not all people reach that certain maturity in the relationship. It is not to say that they love each less than those people who are able to reach that maturity. It maybe that you are not with the person who makes your love for him or her transcends it to a greater love for the relationship.

It may take a couple of relationships before finding that one, not just the right person, but the right relationship. You have to be with the right person, to make the right relationship, at the right time of your life.

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