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When we are challenged by our deepest fears and frustrations, we anchor on love to keep us above the fears and frustrations we have. Love for our craft, love for our parents or family, love for God, love for someone special, love for friends, love for the simple things, love for everything we have and we don’t have. Sometimes, what we are left of us is the love that encompasses who we are. It starts and ends with that very powerful emotion.

When we begin to question our own capability to succeed, we go back to the craft we dearly love that started our desire to see and feel life successfully. When we are hurt by our own independence, we are awaken by that love we have for our parents or family, kicking us back to reality that we are and we will always be loved by certain people in this world. When we are wounded by own stubbornness to run our own life, we are being humbled by the realization that God’s love brings greater purpose in our lives. When we are bothered by our loneliness, we are being driven by that special human love we feel with someone strangely different from us. When we are crashed by life’s harshness, we are healed by that love of friendship that heals and makes us through the day with a smile in our face. When we are overwhelmed with the life’s difficulty, we are being reminded that the love for the simple things will ease the difficulty we have. When we are being swallowed by our own sense of materialism, we are strengthened by our love for fullness and nothingness, a balance we have in this lifetime.

We have so many forms of love to bring us back in a sense of calmness and happiness we ought to have. There will always be confusion among misunderstood things, frustrations among the most planned course of actions, and pains among the well-loved things. But among all these, love and only love will cure it all.

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