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Running a business while traveling

Jet setting across the globe while running your business can seem like the dream. After all, you are able to work from wherever you want, set your own hours and, ultimately just be your own boss. It can be tricky to do all of these while you are in unknown lands. However, as you have to be extremely stringent with your schedule, you would most likely rather go wandering around Read more

Travel must haves

Travelling, as we all know, can bring about a lot of stress, however with these 5 must-have travel accessories, you can ensure you bring some of your home comforts along with you, to guarantee a relaxed trip. No. 1 Velvet Caviar MacBook Air 13-inch Case We consider a MacBook case for your MacBook Air 13-inch device to be a true must-have. One of the main reasons we love it so Read more

Sunset Villa Club Paradise Palawan

Containing an excitement is like moving a mountain, especially if the cause of the excitement is something that may quench your insatiable thirst for adventure.  Visions of Wonders are beautiful distractions The thought of seeing immense limestone massifs, stunning white sand strips, fascinating underwater wonders, and verdant islands in one sweep is an overwhelming idea for a poor wanderlust to handle.  Not to mention, the host is one of the Read more

Ian Limpangog

I could hardly contain the emotion. I was flipping my pen while staring through the glass window panels of Ozanam Building when a marquee of intertwined thoughts rolled like phantasms. Sober memories, emotional breakdowns, and reminiscence of joy intersected my chaotic memory lane like scattered pages of a torn and crumbled diary. The struggle The window view wasn’t helpful at all. Though I was preoccupied with my recollection, I was Read more

Cau Rong or the Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

If you are looking for fun places to visit in Vietnam, you should check out Da Nang. This city is currently one of the most attractive destinations in the world with more and more tourists making trips to this region every year to see the beautiful scenery, nature, and friendly people. It is also loved for the amazing culture and landscapes, and regardless of the length of your getaway, you Read more

Things to do in Dumaguete and Valencia

Laid-back vibe, slow-paced lifestyle, and rustic feels albeit the bustling concrete jungle and contiguous crossroads. Dumaguete City keeps its countryside impression despite the urban classification. Not to mention, the city is also a provincial capital. The crowd is concentrated within the downtown, while other areas remain almost still and bare. Staying in Dumaguete gives you extraordinary escape that is away from unending gridlock, pesky stressors, and galling expectations of everyday Read more

Trying OGAWA Master Drive 4D Thermo Chair

As I comfortably settled to its fluffy cushions and fitted my limbs to the dedicated slots, the lady assistant approached me. She asked if I want the hard one. Without any hesitation, I immediately said yes. I was dying to try the equipment. The foot and leg module of the Ogawa Master Drive massage chair raised, and then bended my lower limb. It automatically detected my height, shoulder width, and Read more