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White Sand Beaches: Where to go in the Philippines

White Sand Beaches: Where to go in the Philippines

Philippines is one of the homes of the world’s best shores. You have plenty of beach front varieties to choose from depending on your color and sand type preferences. The country offers fine and crystalline-black, smooth brown, alluring gray, gorgeous peach, and of course, the bright and powdery white sand shorelines. This article shows a compilation of the famous and yet to be discovered white sand beaches in the Philippines.

9. The beach wonder of the North, Pagudpud

Pagudpud is a silent town but when you search its remote corners, you can see majestic waterfalls, peculiar rock formations, and of course picture-perfect white coastlines. You can visit Saud beach or the Blue Lagoon to see its real beauty.

Saud Beach Pagudpud

Saud Beach Pagudpud

To reach Pagudpud, you have a choice to take a 12-hour bus ride or a 45-min plane from Manila to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte and then another 2-hour bus ride from Laoag City to Pagudpud.

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  • Great summary of some of the best beaches the Phils has to offer. And I can’t say which is my fave. I loved Bora, but it’s ultra touristy feeling takes away from it a bit compared with, say, Panglao Island off Bohol. You should also check out Malapascua Island. It was gorgeous before Yolanda — not sure how they’re doing there now, but I’m sure the beauty is unchanged. And it’s tough to get to, so it keeps the package tourists away, which is always a bonus. And you’ve reminded me that I still need to get my butt up to Ilocos Norte to Pagudpud. So thanks for that!

    • iAn

      Thanks, Sir Mike! I believe Malapascua was partly devastated during the typhoon. Hope they’re doing well now. I suggest you to see Calaguas at least once while it is still not highly commercialized – that if, you’re fine with sleeping in a camp (tent).

  • for me El Nido is the MOST BEAUTIFUL of them all ! ;D