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Kayaks are available for rent in Subic Beach

After breaking a leg from life’s most demanding challenges, somehow, you wanted to reward yourself. A reward that will replenish your adrenaline requirements and raise your energy indicators to its maximum level. After all, pain comes after surviving the other. Such reward will definitely give you a boost to face the upcoming uncertainties. Travel always comes first when rewarding oneself. But sometimes, it isn’t all about getting to places, trying Read more

Mahabang Buhangin beach of Calaguas is perhaps the most awesome and gorgeous beach in Philippines (with Boracay and Malcapuya trailing behind). Apart from the long strip of fine, powdery, white sand, it also features a luxuriant green backdrop, fresh air, unobstructed lying space for star gazing, squeaky-clean water to swim,  wide beachfront to hangout, and many more. You may have plenty of reasons to see the place, but the effort Read more

Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Siquijor, Siquijor

When I was a kid, all I heard about Siquijor were tales of sorcery and witchcraft. Thus, even though we were almost a stone-throw away from the island and despite having close relatives residing to one of its growing communities, I never asked my parents to pay a visit. When the child’s mind has become mature and the adventurous genes are getting dominant, those stories have become a weaker hindrance. Read more

groupie at white cove laiya

Laiya is one of Manila’s closest beach. Just hop on a bus from any major terminals in the metro, and then within 3 to 4 hours, you will find yourself photo bombing the picture-perfect ivory strip of Batangas province. Laiya is also close the Batangas’ tastiest lomihan and gotohan, so don’t forget to drop by during your visit. How to get to Laiya Via San Juan The fastest way to Laiya is Read more

Villa Cleofas canoe

Off the coast of Mauban floats a small island, Cagbalete, which looks ordinary at first glance. However, a great scenery resides underneath its waters, which only reveals at low tide. Cagbalete Island is one of the pride of Quezon province. It features wide coastlines and an ecologically diverse habitat. The verdant greens serves as a host to unique bird and plant species. Moreover, the waters surrounding it is a home to abundant marine life. Read more

sandbar beach resort concepcion

As I always share, I find peace on three things. Those are: listening to a favorite country music while seated next to a window during long bus rides; gazing at a sunset or a starry night as the cold, gentle breeze gives me a comforting chill; and staring through the horizon with a white beach on the foreground and green massifs with a blue sky on the backdrop. With my unending search Read more