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When it comes to the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, one of the best contenders is the island of Boracay. But what did really happen after the rehabilitation of this popular beach? How are the tourists coping with the changes made in the island? With a convenient tour package in the Philippines, you can explore the new Boracay with a fresh take. Clean Living in the Pristine Island After Read more

Boracay is famous all over the world, thanks to its beautiful beaches. Even though it reaches the peak of its popularity, people still arrive there and find themselves not knowing what to do. Since tourists are left without any other choice, they book their tours through independent vendors at the beachfront, which tend to be costly. So, those of you who plan to visit Boracay soon, plan your trip in Read more

The sky glows in blue and orange, painting a beautiful scenery. With the Philippines 7,107 islands, you have 7,107 options to enjoy the sunset. Boracay offers one of the most stunning and exciting way to do it – through Paraw Sailing.

If you have been thinking on how to make the most out of your Boracay visit, this list might be helpful. Boracay isn’t just about the beach, parties, or staycation but also a good place for exciting adventures. Check out the following budget-friendly (and some not-so-budget-friendly as well) activities in Boracay and make your stay a lot more memorable. #1 Beach Bumming (free) The primary reason why you visit the island is Read more

Marlboro Hills, Batanes

A long work week could be toxic. Staying in the office, dealing with all types of pesky and difficult customers is really stressful. The only way to vent out our work frustrations is going out for a quick weekend getaway. Take advantage of the long weekends and flight promos. Make sure you plan your travels ahead and have notified your bosses as early as possible. Below is the list of Read more

Luxury, in hospitality business, is always relative to or associated with elegance and comfort, seasoned with unparalleled service, exquisite ambiance, and utmost privacy. It is also well complimented with easily accessible modern facilities and delicately crafted interior designs, which also defines Boracay’s luxury accommodations. Boracay, the Philippines’ premier tourist destination, hosts a number of hotels that offers the comfort and security of your home while on travel. Below is the Read more

Philippines is one of the homes of the world’s best shores. You have plenty of beach front varieties to choose from depending on your color and sand type preferences. The country offers fine and crystalline-black, smooth brown, alluring gray, gorgeous peach, and of course, the bright and powdery white sand shorelines. This article shows a compilation of the famous and yet to be discovered white sand beaches in the Philippines. Read more