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Where to Buy Discounted Hong Kong Attraction Tickets or Passes

It is unwise to spend all your travel budget. Likewise, spending more than what you allocated for the trip is a total nightmare. The worst is, if you swipe your credit card for unplanned expenses while away from home. When you travel, every savings count. It will not only let you escape from imminent financial downturn, but will help you fund your upcoming adventures as well. Hence, getting few dollar slashes from Read more

This Hong Kong + Macau Itinerary and Guide is based on my actual assessment on how to possibly fit-in all your “things to do” during your travel. We were a large group (15 individuals) when we traveled to Hong Kong and we fit-in all the tourist destinations in our list for just 5 days. So if you visit the place with fewer folks in the group, you can do it without Read more

Many said that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, and once you fully give in, it awakens the child in you. However, I have a different sentiment. Probably because I just have a different childhood—a lot more different than any other child have—that is why, I did not completely enjoy it. We took an early fast craft the day after our exasperating walkathon in Macau. Again, that was an amazing Read more