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When deciding where to travel what do you consider? You may think about the different sights you want to see or the many experiences you want to have. Do you ever spare a thought for the type of food you want to eat? Each country has a different style of cuisine from the next. What you eat whilst you are on your travels depends on where you go. Why not try taking a food tour of the world? Pick countries to visit based on their rich cuisine, so that you can taste the finer things in life. If you’re not sure where to go on your next trip, then here are some ideas. These are the destinations you must visit whilst on the ultimate global food tour.

Breakfast: menemen by Paul Keller, on Flickr

Paella in Spain

Spain is one of the most-underrated countries in Europe. There is so much to see in Spain that you may not have the time in one visit. The food in Spain is delicious and incorporates Mediterranean ingredients into rich, wholesome recipes. Paella is the traditional dish of Spain, though the type of dish you get depends on the region you are in and the local style. Coastal regions, such as Barcelona, will use a lot of fish and seafood in the dish. The most-common type of dish you will get will have prawns and fish in the rice. In mainland Spain, you can get a variety of dishes from chicken Paella to beef Paella.

Menemen in Turkey

Turkish cuisine is a fusion of many different styles of cooking. During the hot summer months the Turkish opt for a simple style of cooking. One such dish is Menemen. The dish often eaten as part of a full breakfast. Menemen is a type of stew, which consists of pepper, onions and tomatoes. Different regions use different meat within their dish. The most-common meat you will find in Menemen is spicy Turkish sausage. If you are looking to experience fine cuisine many Turkey tours from Adventure World will show you around the cities of Turkey. Dip into authentic restaurants where you can find home cooked food.

Kasha in Russia

You will never regret taking a trip to Russia. The beautiful Eastern European country is home to many unique dining experiences. Whilst in Russia you have to try Kasha. Kasha is a type of cereal, which is popular in the region and makes up part of the staple diet in the area. The cereal consists of cooked buckwheat and oats. That on its own is quite bland, so the Russians use delicious sauces and spices to flavour the cereal. The dish gives you energy throughout the day and is a great source of fibre.

Feijoada in Brazil

Brazilian cuisine is some of the most-unique food in the entire world. In Brazil everything you eat comes with a kick of spice. If you do happen to travel to this beautiful land then be sure to try some feijoada. The dish tastes a little like beef chilli but contains black beans rather than mincemeat. The dish is popular throughout Brazil. If you are staying in a luxury hotel, they will not serve you this dish. Instead, you must explore the region to find authentic restaurants.

Ratatouille in France

Many people believe that French style food is the best food in the world. Whilst I don’t believe that, I do believe that some of the dishes in France are exquisite. Ratatouille is a traditional filling that is popular throughout France. The dish consists of summer vegetables, including peppers, tomatoes and onions. Chefs often use the filling inside pies and crepes. People in France eat this dish during the summer months, as it is fresh and vibrant.

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