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Nasi Kerabu

Malaysia has a multi-ethnic population and a diverse culture. This diversity is also evident in Malaysian cuisine. The three major influences that you can notice in the Malaysian cuisine are Indian, Chinese, and Malay. These influences have given rise to some lip-smacking recipes. The best place to experience the Malaysian cuisine is Kuala Lumpur. The country’s capital is also dubbed as its food capital. So when you decide to visit Read more

Dessert bites, creations by Chef Jakie Laudico

Chef Roland Laudico carefully scooped the remaining yoke and separated it from the embryo. He then made a paste out of these two ingredients. The egg white, on the other hand, was cut into thin strips and were tossed around the savory paste. On a shot glass rimmed with salt, Chef Lau collected the balut juice, and then mixed it with local vinaigrette. This novel creation is called Balut Napoleon Read more

Crunchy slow roast pork belly with apple and fennel compote

Perched at Cebu’s spic neighborhood, Casa Uno by Circa 1900 is a food spot that you have to reach prepensely. Though getting there is easy with a cab, getting out would be a bit of challenge. For those who do not drive, Uber and Grab apps are rather convenient. Casa Uno by Circa 1900 The restaurant occupies the heritage house seating at the southern end of Sanjercas Ville Extension Road. The old-world charm Read more

Spicy yellow squid

Gorgeous lasses greet you upon arrival. One of them leads you to a comfortable seat. She then introduces the specials and wait until you decided what to order. Royal, white leather seats are arrayed at the corners. A glass-topped table runs through the spacious section of the room. It is matched with cozy and comfortable chairs. At one corner, a small platform stands for performances. Beside it is the bar that Read more

Hickory Mustard Wings by Gibbs Hot Wings

The second to the last stop of the first ever Cebu Food Crawl, a foodie event organized by Cebu Bloggers’ Society (CBS), was Gibbs Hot Wings. I did not have any expectation. But the idea of having a hot and spicy treat after almost a day of great munch is worth anticipating. After our coffee break, we were driven to the Streetscape Lifestyle Mall branch of the Gibbs. Coy Oliva, Read more

Aligue, pollo, and lechon paellas with a plate of lengua and a glass of Sangria

Halla Paella’s specialty are paellas, as the name infers. However, it was the taste of chipirones that secured a spot in my food memory. I could remember well the distinct flavors of the dip that blends well with the roasted garlic toppings and the fried baby squid slices. The crisp gave a memorable munching experience. Yummy and Comfort Treat The food stall also serves chuletas which tastes really scrumptious. The tender pork Read more

Larsian BBQ options

I could hardly choose the best deal. Barbecue vendors were rushing to swank about their freebies and discounts. After carefully scrutinizing their offers, we had selected a spot for our chomp. The promise of unlimited free soup and great bill discount influenced our decision to side Eliza’s, a barbecue shop within Larsian. The crew lead us to our seats. The chitchats of the other group beside us were apparent. The Read more