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How to Understand She Is Into You

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Even in our modern world, women remain perplexing and mysterious. Before, to actually approach a girl you like, you wish to know if she feels the same. In this article, we decided to outline 10 signs that a girl likes you. Discover with Dating Brides!

1. She is eager to communicate

This is, by all means, the core element of human relationships. When we are into someone, we try to communicate with this person more frequently. In your conversations, you can detect some hints of her affection – like she asks more follow-up questions, or is willing to express her mind, or asks your advice. That’s why, you should promote dialogues and keep those meaningful.

Romantic Sunset
Photo by Carlos ZGZ of Flickr under Creative Commons license.

2. Her eyes talk instead of her mouth

Eyes are the most important part of our face, as they are capable of expressing what’s on our mind. And surely, they inform you about a girl’s attitude. There are various signs sent via gaze: first, her pupils widen when she sees you. Second, her eyes become sparkling as you two communicate. Finally, she looks at you in a specific way – maintains the eye contact and studies your face and the upper body.

3. She likes your jokes

To succeed at flirting, humour is necessary – people who can cheer us up definitely attract us. No matter how hilarious jokes you crack may be, a girl who’s into you is likely to laugh and smile at those. In fact, this is one of the proper ways women show men their appreciation.

4. She tries to be around you

As a rule, we tend to keep distance with someone who doesn’t awaken our interest. On the other hand, we always try to move closer to a person we are into. So a girl whose heart is potentially yours might approach you in a crowded space or agree to meet you more often. Not that she will do that plainly – she will rather act like it happens by accidence.

5. She touches you “accidentally”

A girl who likes you will seek excuses to lean on you, really! Again, we aren’t talking about too direct hints. For instance, your female friend caresses your hand or when she takes a sit near you and allows her shoulder to touch yours. In a room filled with people or in a public transport, she will probably stand as close to you as possible. Keep an eye on those signals – how often those are sent and how prolonged those are.

6. Her body language changes

Body language is something individual, yet there are also particular rules. As our gestures express what we feel and what we want, her body movements and positions will tell you a lot. Sometimes, she does it unconsciously, sometimes on purpose. Thus, watch her out: whether she copies your position while standing or sitting next to you, bites and licks her lips, or runs the hand through her hair.

7. She is concerned about her look

To attract a guy she is into, any girl struggles to make her appearance fancier. If she’s got a chance, she dresses to kill, makes her best hairstyle, and wears the most suitable makeup. Even in her daily life, she will try to look as beautiful as possible. Likewise, such a girl might alter her appearance in some ways – new outfits, new hairstyles, and new accessories. Every detail matters when it comes to creating a stunning image.

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