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How to Be Sexually Attractive: A Guide for Men

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Do you know what “sex appeal” is? This is an ability to attract people with your sexiness. Most people underestimate the importance of sexual attractiveness in terms of human relationships. In fact, sex appeal is what actually glues people to each other. This phenomenon indeed consists not only of physical features.

In this article, we are going to reveal some tips for men to become more sexually attractive (from women’s point of view). Ukrainian ladies from were truly kind as to provide us with their opinions about men’s sexual attractiveness.

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Manliness is the key

Most people assume sexual attractiveness is dependent on your looks only. We might disappoint some of you, but your attitude is more important than your looks. Certainly, women look for men that hold typical mannish features – assertiveness, emotional stability, wisdom, good manners, resoluteness etc.

Being a real man is what makes you truly attractive. Moreover, you need to think of your approaches towards the opposite sex. We cannot guide you all the time, nevertheless, one thing we know for sure – a real man respects his woman. This is the first and the most significant characteristic of a sexually attractive man.

Be in shape

No matter how intelligent and wise you are, women still would look at your body and face. Sex appeal is a complex phenomenon. Therefore, you need to maintain both a good shape and a sharp mind.

To keep in shape, you need to visit the gym at least two times a week. Nobody forces you to become huge and muscular. But being chubby, it will be harder to seek a woman that finds you attractive.

Do not forget about proper grooming and facial hair. Yes, the majority of females like bearded guys. It means your beard should be well-maintained, clean, and smell of shampoo (it’s especially important if you are a smoker – their facial hair sometimes smell just terrible).

Women’s psychology is set in a specific way: every man they date is apprehended as a potential father of their children, even if they are not going to have kids in the nearest future. Children should be healthy and cute – that is why a man should be fit and handsome.

Everything for a good joke

Laughing women are excited women. And, maybe even sexually excited. No, seriously – women find it attractive if a guy can crack a nice joke. You should be careful with black humor and dirty jokes. Some of them might make you look like a douchebag or a pervert.

The point is – you should be aware of potential “limits” of your girl’s morality. Nevertheless, witty commentaries and ironic remarks always work appropriately with women.

“Love it when you talk that talk to me”

How can sexy Rihanna be wrong with that? Girls love sweet talkers. Overall, a good tête-à- tête and an ability to keep the conversation going are extraordinarily attractive. Even though your aim is to have sex, girls find it preferable to start a date with an interesting discussion. Your eloquence is the accurate way to her heart.

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