Useful Tips to Sustain a Long-Distance Relationship

Useful Tips to Sustain a Long-Distance Relationship

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Quite sure that something negative pops out in your mind when you hear about long-distance relationships. It sounds more like an unwanted challenge than happiness. Maybe, some of your friends or you yourself have bumped into this issue. Either way, surviving a long-distance relationship takes reasonable endeavors and a great patience.

Useful Tips to Sustain a Long-Distance Relationship

We asked our friends from Ukrainian dating site to assist us in making up a guide. Here are four perfectly working tips for sustaining a long-distance relationship:

1. Highlight the limits of “commitment”

Any relationships, even polyamorous ones, have their own type of arrangements and commitments. Same here – you need to discuss the rules in advance.

Do you agree with casual sex on the side or do you assume it is a sexual infidelity? How long are you going to be apart and is it worthwhile remaining a couple? How often are you going to visit each other and are you going to at all? These questions ought to be talked over beforehand.

2. Make your communication creative and unofficial

For long-distance communication, you will for sure use different electronic means – we are talking about phone calls, SMS, and various Internet technologies. 2016 gives you a beautiful opportunity to make the best out of long-distance communication with video calls. You no longer need a laptop and a high- speed Internet connection. Just use proper messengers and video streaming applications. For instance, Viber and Skype are truly effective.

But don’t overdo it. Conversing for twelve hours a day will sooner or later kill the feelings you had whereas an everyday one-hour chat will support them. And, oh Lord, send a real letter. You know, the one in the envelope.

It’s unbelievably romantic.

3. Keep the promises you gave

This article works for both sexes, but now we are talking to men. They are more likely to cheat on their partners – scientifically approved.

In #1, you have pointed out the ground rules of your long-distance relationship. If you think casual sex and constant flirting will not ruin your partnership, you are partially right (in case if your girlfriend won’t find it out eventually). In the end, your ‘dishonesties’ will consume you from inside out.

4. Visit each other from time to time.

People that say sex is not an integral part of relationship have probably never been in real ones. Nonetheless, you need these visits not only to fulfill your physical needs but also to feel your significant other’s skin next to yours, to hear his or her voice without digital processing. You truly need to keep it real to remember what brought you together.


Sometimes passion is not enough for sustaining a long-distance relationship. In this case, initiating a breakup is the best decision. If you feel the inability to perpetually enliven your feelings to someone who’s far away from you, staying together might be a time-wasting mistake for both of you.

Overall, letting go is now and again only suitable option. Considering it might save you from hurting yourself and your partner.

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