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There is no doubt that men and women are unlike and similar in the same ratio. The truth sounds like this – the genders are just different. Nevertheless, they are able to coexist peacefully. Men often say that they are adapted to life better than girls. We asked cuties on Maria Dating to tell us about what they think they do better than men. You might be surprised how many actions girls are keener on! Starting from the most obvious, we reveal a list of top 10 things girls do better than guys.

Let’s hug (Photo by Giang Hồ Thị Hoàng in Flickr)

Taking care of children

No one has ever doubted that women have stronger maternal skills. Biologically males are designed to be providers and predators while female organisms are adapted to protecting her offspring and raising it. As well, girls just love to take care of children. Parenthood is in their blood.

Household work

This female special ability stems from various sources. Firstly, the patriarchal tradition of raising girls to be householders and cleaners affects women drastically. Secondly, women have to take care of children – that is why they need to keep the house clean and cook something all the time.

Social communication

Yes, that is where it starts being surprising. Women can deal with social communication in a more efficient way than men do. Guys might be talented speakers and politics but women are better at fighting insurrections and calming the crowd. Have you ever been to a kindergarten? Women do know how to calm down rebellions.


Have you ever given it a thought, how women manage work, home, family, friends so naturally and leave no room for hesitating. Not just that, they can iron your shirt, help a child with homework, cook dinner, prepare a business presentation and listen to their family’s problems, all at the same time, while men can only think about such managing skills.

The Power of Serendipity

Due to unknown reasons (yes, just as it is) women have a much stronger intuition than men do. Of course, this unique mechanism is not exclusive to females; however, girls know what to do with it – and they do it right. Who knows what kind of secret resources they hold…


Yes, most of your university professors were men, we can relate to that. Nevertheless, school teachers are mostly women. If you understand the difference between intentional and desirable university degree and compulsory school education – you probably know why women are batter at teaching.

Stronger immune system

Latest researches revealed a rather interesting fact – women are better at fighting off viruses and bacteria. They have a secret weapon – estrogen. It confronts a certain enzyme that often hinders the body’s first line of defense against harmful organisms. In a nutshell, women survive bacteria and viruses better.

Stress resistance

Agreed, sobs and cries are very much a part of their femininity, but once the tears settle they can think more clearly and can stay more composed in times of adversity. Women are not just boasting without any logical reasoning. There is science behind it. Female hormones play a role in stress management and are the reason why men and women react differently.

Sustaining relationships

When it comes to impulsive gestures and beautiful apologies – it is solely a field of male creativity and influence. However, other 95% of time spent in relationships, women are in charge of keeping the partnership afloat.

Diverse knowledge

Most of the serious scientist and researchers are men. Women are keen on acquiring a wide range of information and, therefore, becoming more efficient in various spheres.

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