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Is everything okay with your relationship? Do you feel lonely even though you are still together? Has your sex life become a boring disaster? Are other girls more attractive than your current date? Well, you are in one step from breaking up.

You might be distracted and exhausted but yet you have to deal with it – keeping on with dead partnerships is a tremendous mistake. As a man (who you obviously are), you should take a lead in breaking up procedure. However, you should do it gently and slowly so that your girlfriend will not be wounded.


Our kind friends from Russian dating website Brides Stars agreed to tell us about the most appropriate way to end up a relationship. Understandably, the girl will be upset and vexed either way. Your aim is to soften the consequences as much as possible. Here is our guide to breaking up with a girl without hurting her terrifically.

1. Understand if you truly want it.

Make sure you do want to break up with this girl. Sometimes, people regardless of gender are too weak to maintain relationships if a serious trouble occurs. Remember that a breakup is irreversible. Yes, you can try to get back together; however, it rarely works. That is why you ought to be 100% sure that you want it to end.

2. Do not behave like a douchebag before breaking up.

When people understand the relationships are not going anywhere and the end will inevitably come, something clicks in their minds (especially among men) – they behave differently, treat their partners without respect, etc.

If you think such behavior will get your girlfriend psychologically set for a breakup, you are utterly wrong. A girl will never be prepared for this, no matter how hard you try.

3. Do not break up by texts or phone calls.

Oh Lord, please, just don’t. It is absolutely insensitive, anxiety-provoking, irrespective, and just mean. Women deserve to be treated better. Of course, telling someone face-to-face that you have lost that loving feeling is a severe test for your nerves.

Nevertheless, a man should be courteous, and it involves such terrifying escapades. Place her feelings in front of your fears.

4. Choose a comfortable place to talk about your breakup.

As you have decided this and meditated over it in advance, you probably had some time to make up every single detail. Such an important part of the plan as the location should also be determined beforehand. Instead of suggesting certain places, we can point out the preferable concept. This should be a place where your (ex-) girlfriend will be able to reveal her emotions without feeling humiliated. And if she tries to run away, catch her and do your best to comfort her. People can be extremely emotional and weak in such conditions.

5. Be sincere.

“It’s not you, it’s me…” Yeah, we have heard it before. Too many times, for sure. Even if your actual reasons sound brutal, say them aloud. Maybe, this will help her omit some behavioral patterns in future. Moreover, she will know the truth and, therefore, will be able to let you go easily. Thus, everything will be fine.

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