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Is there any special difference between dating in your 20s and in your 50s? Obviously, and this is relevant to any man older than 49, no matter if he has always been a bachelor or got single after 30 years of marriage.

Everyone has his personal circumstances while the essence remains the same. You are not a hot heartrobber anymore, so techniques you used to exploit when you were a college student may no longer work. Together with our peers from Brides in Ukraine, we managed to collect some valuable advice to help you attract a perfect lady.


1. Get used to the online world

Human life becomes more and more dependent on technology and gadgets, you cannot deny it. Modern online dating services offer you millions of potential partners, all you have to do is to sign in and look through profiles.

Yes, many of them may be fraudulent, but you will never know until you try.

2. Keep searching in real life

Sitting alone in your room is not the best strategy for finding a woman of your dream. The Internet is not the only solution – immerse yourself in active social life.

Meet new people and communicate, attend public events that may awake your interest. Sooner or later, your future second half will show up.

3. Manage your time

Becoming a couple should not be your aim. How so? Well, you are struggling to meet a like-minded person to share your feelings and thoughts with. Hence, prepare to reject some candidates or be rejected by them. When you realize that a bond is absent, tell her the truth and save everyone’s time.

4. Take care of your body

You do not like scruffy and overweight women, do you? So stay in a good shape either. If you eat healthy food and exercise, your chances to charm women increase rapidly. Not to mention, your life will definitely be happier without diseases.

Keep your hair and nails neat, quit smoking and drinking too much alcohol and see how the things will change for the better.

5. Pick the right clothes

Again, your appearance matters a lot from the very beginning. Since you are going to make a good first impression, do not be lazy to go shopping and buy new outfits (or ask a female friend for an advice if you have doubts about what suits you).

6. Never lie about yourself

This implies everything – your age, career, hobbies or family. Both partners must be honest with each other to build a strong relationship, so just be who you are. This is the only way to surround yourself with right people and do not suffer from misplaced trust.

7. Do not forget about good manners

Being a gentleman is another way to show your qualities. Hold a door for her, offer your hand while going downstairs, pay for her meal etc. These are simple little things every man should master. Your politeness will be rewarded!

8. Spread your energy

Remember that ladies feel nice with positive and cheerful men by their side. Smile instead of being dull and cold even if you feel depressed for some reason. Handle your mood and do not allow unpleasant things to affect your dating life.

9. Set your mind properly

Some dates may be successful, some may be not – this is all right, you cannot please everyone. Whatever happens, be optimistic. Do not be afraid of trying something new. Imagine that you are just going on an adventure and continue making acquaintances.

10. Appreciate any woman you meet

Respectful communication is the key to a serious relationship. You must not only tell a woman about yourself but listen carefully to what she tells you. Show your interest in her story and try to understand her problems, hopes, and dreams.

Ask questions to get more information about her family and enthusiasms; that is how you get to know her.

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