Freedom Wall is Best Cebu Travel Blog 2016 Finalist

Freedom Wall is shortlisted for Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

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I registered with a vision to create a community-based website where members can share everything they think worth sharing in the internet. I was thinking for an online “park” that encourages participation and communication to those who are virtually present on that park, thus an online Freedom Wall. That vision, however, did not materialize due to variety of reasons, such as scarcity of both resources and technical capabilities.

Instead of keeping the domain idle for years, I experimented on blogging and wrote almost everything under the sun. My topics before range from personal, opinions, movie reviews, blogging tutorials, and even technology. That, as well, did not work out.

My major turning point happened on February of 2012. An officemate, who happened to be a travel blogger, brought me along with three others to Coron. It was my first time in Palawan, my first beach camp, and my first flight for leisure. The experience stunned me for months and made me long for more.

That event had helped me decide to brand Freedom Wall as a travel blog with focus on sharing budget itineraries and travel guides.

That memorable trip was then followed with several others, including solo backpacking trips to select destinations, covering over 60 Philippine provinces and 10 countries.

Travel has been a passion. The fulfillment of learning rich cultures, meeting new friends, experiencing extraordinary adventures, and reaching remote places is a complete bliss.

Meanwhile, the messages of gratitude I received from local guides and travelers alike boosted such passion to explore. Moreover, learning that some made a living because of my articles are truly humbling. All these are more than any amount I could receive.

Freedom Wall is Best Cebu Travel Blog 2016 Finalist

When I heard the news that I am one of the finalist of Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016 under Best Cebu Travel Blog category, I was surprised and humbled at the same time.

All I can say is thank you for recognizing my passion and efforts. Good luck to all my co-finalists as well.

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