Group Photo at the Sunken Cemetery

Engrossed in Camiguin’s Sunken Cemetery

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You cannot proudly say that you’ve been to Camiguin if you hadn’t visited the Sunken Cemetery once. Its most notable landmark is the big cross which was erected few meters from the shore. The cross wasn’t part of the remnants of the submerged cemetery caused by the eruption of Mount Vulcan in 1871, but was built (in 1982) as a marker of the graveyard.

Sunken Cemetery Stairway

It was one gloomy afternoon when we visited the site. Tired and exhausted, the group seemed unimpressed at first. While deciding to proceed to the marker or not, two guys called us out and offered to bring us to the marker for ₱20.00 each. Well, ₱20.00 was not to much for us to spend for such a short distance, and not too much for them to receive either as our boatmen and cameramen – so, we decided to go.

Sunken Cemetery Marker

The original plan was to stay there for 30 minutes (at most) but we spent an hour longer. We were engrossed, not because of the scenery but because of the photo shoot directed by our boatmen slash cameramen. It was quite surprising that these guys can shoot with optical illusions with matching “fantabulous” and “supramazing” descriptive terminologies.

Photo Shoot

We posed, jumped, glided, tip toed, acted, smiled, frowned, squatted, and raised our arms in order to give them the best angle. Unexpectedly, nobody complained and some even volunteered to be their models.

Flying like a witch with a paddle
Photo Ops at the Sunken Cemetery

Remember the face of the two guys beside me (in the photo below). We owed a lot of entertainment from them. We enjoyed a lot that we forgot to ask for their names.

Group Photo at the Sunken Cemetery

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