A short strip beside burot beach

Camp and Delve: Burot Beach

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Aside from beach bumming and other water activities, you can also do sunset watching and star gazing in Burot beach. Being located in Calatagan, Batangas that is facing exactly west, it showcases one of the most beautiful, panoramic sunset. It is also tucked away from the bright lights of the city, thus providing you clear view of the galaxy at dusk. Just be there when the weather is favorable.

August this year, we successfully carried out the first leg of PH Trails tours, the Camp and Delve: Burot Beach, with six guests; Ken, Analyn, Christian, Clarice, Erwin, and Victoria.

At 6:00AM, we took a van from Zamora Street in Pasay City (just few steps away from Kabayan Hotel) to Calatagan, Batangas. It costed us 3 to 4 hours of travel time.

After buying the stuff (water, ice, rice, meat and veggies, etc) that we needed at the market near the terminal, we then transferred to our pre-contacted tricycles to bring us to Burot Beach. We endured the 30-minute rough ride. It was a lot uncomfortable when you’re seated in the back. Trust me, I tried it.

Good thing I wasn’t alone, I shared the penitence with Erwin and, of course, Marx and Ken who were on the other trike’s backseat. The ladies, however, were enjoying the breeze at the comfort of their seats.

Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas
Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

Arrival in Burot Beach

It was nearly lunch when we reached the beach and we were hungry—hungry enough to forget the very reason why we went there.

I brought out the portable butane stove and cooked for lunch. Everybody was excited to taste Marx experimental chicken adobo. While waiting for the food, we set up our shelter for the day and night at the beach.

Our beach camp

The idea of being on the beach started to sink-in only after the awesome lunch.

Burot Beach Activities

We contacted a boatman to bring us to the nearby sandbar. Unfortunately, the tide wasn’t low enough for us to see the mound. The sandbar was ashamed to surface, so we ended up wading on its knee-deep waters. We noticed sea urchin infestation as well, which made everybody to be wary on the dark areas of the sea.

On board the boat to the nearby sandbar

We headed back to the main strip of Burot beach after nearly an hour of childish activities (you know what I am talking, Christian and Analyn).

We strolled along the entire stretched of the shore and found this very interesting strip (shown in the following photo). The group weren’t just enjoying the swim, but also with the hermit crab race on the makeshift tracks.

A short strip beside burot beach

Watching these very cute puppies playing gave us additional entertainment.

Playing beach puppies
Burot Beach Bummers
Burot Beach Photo Grid

Sunset Watching and Star Gazing

After the tiring activities, the photo ops, the water games, and swimming lessons, we patiently waited for the sunset. However, the dark clouds started to hover above us until it completely blocked the setting sun. All we saw were rays but it still had colorful effects with the sky.

Sunset at Burot Beach

A group of bikers arrived in the evening and they’re noisy. We couldn’t make a sound sleep, battling both the noise and hard bedding. We got out from our camps in the middle of the night, and then Clarice started locating the constellations in the sky, which was surprisingly clear that evening. It seemed to compensate the disappointing sunset.

We headed to Tagaytay the day after.

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