Lucban Church
Lucban Church at Night

A Night Walk in Lucban, Quezon

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From Kamay Ni Hesus, I took a tricycle to Lucban Church (a.k.a Church of Saint Louis of Toulouse). It was already past 6:00 in the evening, but I still wanted to see the church and try pancit habhab, a local delicacy. I never thought of the last public transport schedule to my next stop. All I have in mind that time was to complete my three objectives in Lucban.

In a blink, I found myself beside the church. I immediately positioned myself to get a good angle of the stunning facade which got even more majestic at night with the glow of the yellow light. I did not bring a tripod so getting a crisp photograph was a challenge. I made several trials and the results were the same. Luckily, I found one that is a bit acceptable.

Lucban Church
Lucban Church at Night

When I entered the church, I promptly notice the imposing works of art on the ceiling. It was decorated with impressive designs that were carefully crafted with trained hands and fine artistry.

Lucban Church Ceiling
the church ceiling is decorated with impressive works of art

The altar seemed emitting a remarkable aura, a vibe that will get you to your knees. Yes – probably if you are religious. I felt it too but I resisted because I am not pious. Instead on bending my knees, I seated in one corner and spent some moment of silence.

Lucban Church Altar
Lucban Church Altar

I headed to the convent side and I saw this miniature display of the church facade. I couldn’t come closer because of the rope the separated the guests from the display, hence, I couldn’t tell what ’twas made of.

Miniature of Lucban Church's facade
Miniature of Lucban Church’s facade

I went out after spending few minutes inside the church. Beside the church’s compound were stalls lined along the small parking area. I checked it out of curiosity then I saw people queueing to one of the stalls. To my surprise, they were selling pancit habhab.

Eateries beside Lucban Church
Eateries beside Lucban Church
Pancit Habhab
Queued to try local

“There you are my third objective!”, I exclaimed in silence. With ₱10 per order, I couldn’t ask for more.

I completed my three objectives in Lucban that day.

Pancit Habhab

I walked around the city further. Though the streets were narrow, I did not see any traffic jams. People preferred to walk.

I checked the time and I noticed that I overstayed. I rushed to the transport terminal in the market, hoping to find a ride. Unfortuantely, I found no jeepney nor van to Lucena. Though I had an option to stay in a hotel pad nearby, I couldn’t afford to shell out more than what I allocated.

I wasn’t really unlucky that night. A tricycle driver approached me and offered to bring me to the other jeepney terminal. Yeay! I was able to proceed my next stop.

Lucban Plaza
The plaza

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