Baler Surf lessons
Surf lessons

Things to do in Baler, Aurora

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Baler is one of the awesome places that can easily be accessed from Manila. Yeah – it has a reputation of being a great surfing haven, however, it offers a lot more than that. To summarize, I have listed interesting things to do in Baler.

Surf or Learn Surfing

First in the list is surfing. Well, a large chunk of tourists visit Baler for that purpose. Professional or not, there are waves suitable for you. If you do it the very first time, do not worry, there are trusted surfers who can assist you, but, of course, for a fee. Rush guards and surf boards are also available for rent, thus you don’t need to buy one, unless you want to take it really serious.

Baler Surf lessons
Surf lessons

Chill at Ditumabo Falls

If you are naturally hot, or should I say, explicitly hot, then Ditumabo falls is a perfect place for you. With its enchantingly cold water, you will surely get rid of that body heat. You just need to endure the 30-minute bumpy ride and the 1.3-kilometer trek. That would, however, get you overheated before you reach the mother falls.

Ditumabo Falls
Ditumabo Falls, the mother falls

Enjoy Baler’s Panorama from Ermita Hill

If you want to see how the waves breaks as it approaches the shore of Baler, then check out Ermita Hill. A morning pedal to the park would be perfect. But if you cannot sustain an uphill bike, leave everything to the trike.

Ermita Hill
A groupie at Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill is facing the Pacific Ocean. So, if the monsoon called Amihan rush, make sure you ready your hairbrush. Forget the worry, it would be a very relaxing gust.

Ermita Hill
Ermita Hill, overlooking Baler’s surfing haven

Down the hill is a monumental scene, a moment of history that was never forgotten.

A monument below Ermita Hill depicting Auroran's Escape from the 1735 Tsunami
A monument below Ermita Hill depicting Auroran’s Escape from the 1735 Tsunami

Take Selfies and Groupies at Ampere Pebble Beach

The water is sudden deep and the waves are usually big, so you don’t have any other options here but to pose on every shutter click. If you are lucky and you smack a fine day, you can enjoy a dip.

Groupie in Ampere Beach, Dipaculao
Groupie in Ampere Beach, Dipaculao
Ampere Beach
The Ampere Beach is directly accessible from the Highway

Beside the beach is a cave where the noisy swifts live. However, when the tide is high, all you can do is sigh.

ampere cave
A small cave in Ampere, home to Balinsasayao or Swifts

Spill Out the Fun at Aniao and Diguisit Beach in Dicasalarin Cove

The beach is bliss but the rocky mounds should not be missed. Whether you just spend few hours to roister or stay overnight to loaf, Aniao and Diguisit Beach will always be game for the skirmish.

A random poses in Aniao
A random poses in Aniao
Diguisit Beach, Dicasalarin Cove
Diguisit Beach, Dicasalarin Cove

Challenge the Cascades of Diguisit Falls

You won’t be reluctant to cross.  With the shallow stream it creates and the weak force it generates, you are bound to challenge Diguisit. The waterfalls does not splatter much, so you won’t worry about the mist. Proceed uphill and you will witness a more interesting pour.

Diguisit Falls
Photo shoot at the upper cascades of Diguisit Falls

Beat the Scare at Baler

It’s not just a tree but also a shelter.
The hallow trunk will not let you falter.
But you must always remember,
you may not be alone in its chamber.

One of Asia's Oldest Balete (Banyan) Tree
One of Asia’s oldest, the 600-year old Balete (Banyan) Tree

Get a Waterfall Massage at Caunayan

The river is cold but the waterfall is warm. If you can reach the rocks that catch the falls, then you are lucky because you will enjoy a relaxing massage for free.

Caunayan Falls
Caunayan Falls

Experience the Vibe of the Former First Lady’s Home

See how a typical Filipino home in the past in configured. Though the house has undergone restorations, the original details were retained. A collection of the family’s memorabilia are also displayed in a room that now acts as a the mini library.

Inside the library of Doña Aurora Quezon's Ancestral House
Inside the library of Doña Aurora Quezon’s Ancestral House

Learn Some History of the Province at Museo de Baler

Journey through time at the museum. There are also collection of recovered Chinese and Spanish artifacts from various shipwrecks in the country. A gallery of important and creative artworks of Auroran artists is also available for the public.

Baler Museum or Museo de Baler
Baler Museum
Around Baler

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