The sunrise is always stunning at the peak of Mount Kiltepan in Sagada
The sunrise is always stunning at the peak of Mount Kiltepan in Sagada

Interesting Things to Do in Sagada

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Sagada is one of the few places in the Philippines that preserved indigeneity. Pre-Spanish burial customs; freakish way to remember the dead (panag-apoy); barter change; strong influence of the local tribal leaders called Dap-ay; and strange planting, harvesting, and wedding ceremonies – all these are still part of the ways of life of Sagada people.

Located in the central Cordillera Mountain Range, reaching it is…a bit of a challenge. But don’t think about the butt-numbing ride because an awesome adventure is waiting on the other side. Here’s a list of those interesting things to do in Sagada.

Squeeze, Lift, Climb, and Swim During the Cave Connection

Exploring the deep caverns of Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves is the most interesting part here. Squeezing yourself in the narrow passages, climbing slippery rocks, and crossing the excessively cold underground streams are the activities you won’t forget in a lifetime. Make sure that you go spelunking with a guide. There are some areas that requires expertise for you to pass.

Sagada Cave Connection
Squeeze, lift, climb, and swim via Sagada Cave Connection
Groupie at Sumaguing Cave
Groupie at Sumaguing Cave

Learn the Stories Behind the Peculiar Burial Traditions

There is Sugong Hanging Coffins near the Echo Valley and stacked log coffins in Lumiang Cave. Seeing these odd and eerie abodes of corpses isn’t enough. You have to learn what is behind.

The mouth of Lumiang Cave
The mouth of Lumiang Cave
Stacked log coffins at Lumiang Cave
Stacked log coffins at Lumiang Cave

Guides from Saggas Sagada will tell you great secrets. But be ready with what you will learn, some of these may be grave.

I can tell a part of those info though. Did you know that not all are eligible to be buried at a high place? Some conditions must be met first.

The Hanging Coffins
The Hanging Coffins

Experience Heaven on Earth at Kiltepan View Point

Before the sun peeks from the horizon, get ready to join the garrison.

At the peak of Kiltepan you will see, a vast cluster of unending beauty.

An awesome sea of clouds at Kiltepan Viewpoint
An awesome sea of clouds at Kiltepan Viewpoint

The sunrise burst into colors, really wondrous.

Lighting up a scenery that is so meritorious.

Be Marveled with the Landscaping Works at Sagada Rice Terraces

When the sea of clouds dissipate at Kiltepan View Point, an equally spectacular beauty surfaces. The Northeastern Sagada Rice terraces is one of the amazing works of our Sagada brothers. Near Bomod-ok Falls resides the Northern Sagada Rice terraces; close to Sumaguing cave seats the Kapay-aw Rice Terraces; and smack in the town blooms the Central Sagada Rice Terraces. I should also not forget to mention the important Bangaan Rice Terraces.

Sagada Rice Terraces
The spectacular Northeastern Sagada Rice Terraces as viewed from Kiltepan View Point

Get Chilled At Bomod-ok Falls

Trekking down to the falls will cost you hours. But along the way you will see wonderful countryside views and backdrops. You will pass scenic hills and challenging trails, but the greatest of them all is walking through the edge of the Northen Sagada Rice Terraces.

If you’re resistant enough for the chilly dip, then experience freely the wonder of the deep.

Bomod-ok Falls
Bomod-ok Falls

Define Nature and Green at Echo Valley

Surrounded with verdure, the Echo Valley awes every guests. It isn’t the usual greeneries we found in every rustic community. Tall pines trees and lush flora that we don’t normally see covers the valley. Just take extra caution on the way because there are deep ravines that may take your life away.

Sagada's Echo Valley
Sagada’s Echo Valley
Spending some romantic moments at Echo Valley (Baw-eng), Sagada
Spending some romantic moments at Echo Valley (Baw-eng)

Spend a Moment to Reflect at Saint Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church

This is the only church that is allowed to stay. The Dap-ay and the church leaders forged an agreement not to intrude in each others business. Though people are now baptized Christians, they can still practice the the old ways provided that those do not defy the teachings of the church.

Saint Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, Sagada
Saint Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church

Continue the Nature Trip at Lake Danum

If you are lucky to visit on a fine day, you will witness a dance so rare to see. With the locals on the traditional customs doing the show, the art of Pinikpikan will be played.

Lake Danum Sagada
A drizzling photo shoot at Lake Danum

Relish the Local Tastes

You have Pinikpikan House, Salt & Pepper Diner, Yogurt House, and Strawberry Cafe in the list. So if you stay in a day or two, you have the high chance to taste the variety. And if you want something to bring home, check out Sagada Lemon Pie House and get a box of the diner’s specialty.

Breakfast at Pinikpikan House
Breakfast at Pinikpikan House

Witness the Product of the Local’s Creativity at Ganduyan Museum

Displayed in the museum are fine artistry. These are crafts that represent a rich and living culture. You should not miss Ganduyan Museum on your visit.

Ganduyan Museum, Sagada
Inside Ganduyan Museum

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