Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
A view of downtown Cincinnati

Best things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio

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No matter which land you come from or what features that you are inclined to, Cincinnati is bound to get you hooked. People from all corners of the world have unanimously shown their interest in visiting the US state and do fun things.

Cincinnati has been generous to the visitors, but the outpour of love is really worth reciprocating. Be it an art lover, a sports freak, one falling for heritage, or the natural beauty admirers, the city has special spots for everyone. Cincinnati promises to give every visitor a unique pleasure.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
A view of John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge with downtown Cincinnati in the background

Eden Park

A stroll through the park makes up a perfect weekend. Eden Park, is more than that. There is narrative of its paradisiacal name found right in the proximity gracious Mount Adams. The park is spread around 186 acres, with ravishing greenery spread all over. The walking path in the midst of verdant greens is soothing and something that you should not miss. By the way, the lake and the magnolia garden come as bonuses.

Art Museum Cincinnati

As a go to place for art lovers—what could be more fascinating than The Cincinnati Art Museum. The museum alone is the home to 67,000 encyclopedic art collections, covering more than 6,000 historical years. It encompasses a great heritage, be it Sandro Botticelli’ masterpieces or ones from Claude Mone. The Museum showcases its walls and boundaries with extensive collections of such art pieces.

The American Ballpark

Historically speaking, the American Ballpark stands out as one of the oldest property of a professional basketball team where it gets its name. Let the hidden exclusiveness be found by the visitors, as sports itself tells a lot of stories about the place.

National Underground Railroad

It is one of the museums that was open to the public in 2004 and was known for its location right at the bank of Ohio River. The national Underground Railroad is also famous for its unique location, where a number of slaves crossed from Kentucky to Cincinnati. The center also reveals the story of slavery in American history and plays a major role in educating the community of the ugly truths of slavery.

Botanical Garden

Imagine fun and education being situated within one boundary. Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden are perfect examples of this setup. These fantastic places are attractions for both young and old with their unique features and beauty.

The Cincinnati zoo is one of the oldest animal shelter that has been working for endangered species. It is involved in innovating ideas and programs to secure endangered animals. The zoo features a hilly space to walk around and a home to various unique animals, such as black rhinos, arctic foxes, milk frogs from amazon, and the amazing peacocks of India. Some species are even endemic to the place.

If you think that the Cincinnati zoo is expensive, worry not, because everything is at reasonable price.

Taft Museum of Art

Every place is known for certain culture and heritage—the things that attract visitors from anywhere around the globe. For all art lovers, Taft Museum of Art is a must see. The museum brings out some of the greatest artistic belongings to the exhibition. Some of them include the great collection of Chinese porcelains and creative paintings from Europe and America. If that is not enough, then get marveled by its collection of Gothic ivory sculpture, the only collection of its kind in the USA.

Speaking of its history, the museum was initially a villa. It was in the year 1932 when it was converted into a museum. Its halls showcase collections of the legendary artist, such as Goya, Rembrandt, Reynolds, and many more.

You won’t fully understand the excitement brought by these stunning places if you don’t pay a visit.

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