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The Panorama of the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

Standing on Marian Hill of Barangay Simala in Sibonga town of Cebu province is officially called the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. Locals called it “Birhen sa Simala” or the Miraculous Mother Mary of Simala. They don’t give it a new name for no reasons. In fact, many can attest to the miracles or granted prayers after their devotion. Proofs of these miracles are displayed in the walls inside the Read more

Shrine of Magellan's Cross

I’d been to Cebu on Several occasions but I never got a chance to visit the monument that represents the city’s long history and establishment: the Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. The Magellan’s Cross was brought to the Philippines, Cebu specifically, by Spanish-commissioned Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan on March 15, 1521. The Cross was seated on its current site by Magellan himself on April 21, 1521. Read more

Lucban Church

From Kamay Ni Hesus, I took a tricycle to Lucban Church (a.k.a Church of Saint Louis of Toulouse). It was already past 6:00 in the evening, but I still wanted to see the church and try pancit habhab, a local delicacy. I never thought of the last public transport schedule to my next stop. All I have in mind that time was to complete my three objectives in Lucban. In Read more

Majayjay Church or Saint Gregory the Great Parish

The Saint Gregory the Great Parich or commonly known as Majayjay Church is one of the oldest extant Catholic church in the Philippines. According to the historical marker instilled by the National historical Institute (NHI), the original church, which was made of plywood, was built in the year 1571. It was, however, reduced to ashes five years later. The church was then rebuilt under the supervision of the French Missionary, Read more

Liliw Church facade

After a quick tour along P. Burgos St., where the tempting sandal shops are situated, I then visited the Parish Church of Liliw. I was surprised that such a small town harbors a long piece of history. A solid proof is the church that was been there since the sixteenth century. Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, also known as Liliw Church, was founded in 1605 by Father Miguel de Read more

Sandals on Sale at Liliw

Immediately after checking the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan, I boarded a Liliw-bound jeepney. Jeepneys with San Pablo – Liliw v/v route passes in front of the monument so things were easy on that random getaway. Within 15 minutes, I set foot in the town of fine sandal makers. Jeepneys usually drop passengers in the corner of P. Burgos Street, where various affordable footwear shops are located. I was not there to shop. I just took Read more

The original structure of Santa Monica Church in Panay, Capiz was built in 1774 by Fr. Miguel Murguia. However, it was heavily damaged by a typhoon that struct the province last January 17, 1875. The church was rebuilt in 1884 under the supervision of Fray Jose Beloso, OSA. The church stands until today. By virtue of the National Historical Institute Resolution No. 3, the church was declared as a national historical landmark Read more