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The boardwalk in Siargao's Cloud 9

It is no secret that the island of Siargao in Surigao del Norte province is a haven for water sports. And as you may all know, the most popular of these water sports is no other than surfing. The island’s coastal geography includes several islets with waves that are ideal for various surfing skill levels—thanks to the fact that Siargao faces the open sea, and the fact that it is Read more

Tojoman Lagoon or the Sohoton Bay Jellyfish Sanctuary

Looking at Map, you will find Sohoton Bay as another thick and dark-green plat, seating on the southwest portion of Bucas Grande Island. White strips dot the edges to its islet conglomeration. There are also blue lagoons and shallow areas reflecting a turquoise shade to the satellite cameras. And yes, by merely looking at the map, I couldn’t stop my thin arm hairs raising for excitement. Sohoton Bay is a real stunner in Mindanao. It Read more

The boardwalk in Siargao's Cloud 9

When you think of Surigao del Norte, Siargao immediately comes to mind. When you think of Siargao, there goes surfing. But Surigao del Norte or Siargao isn’t all about surfing. There are a lot of things to do in the northeastern province of Mindanao Island. That is aside from gliding with the waves. Below list is quite handy. Spend Some Good Time in Mabua With just 10-15 minutes away from the province’s Read more

You greatest appreciation came when you expect it the least. I allowed my travel companion, Marx, to do all the research and travel preparation. I avoid “googling” about the destination. I just waited for the day to come and let things be. To my surprise, Daku Island was especially astounding, peaceful, and relaxing. It offers one of the Philippines’ finest white sand beaches – back-dropped with awesome palm greenery and surrounded with surreal Read more

Roxas City in Capiz is the country’s seafood capital but Surigao City also has the right to brag. There are lot of restaurants in the city where you can taste variety of seafood dishes. One of them is Islands Seafood Restaurant. Located along Rizal Street in the smack of the city, the Islands Seafood Restaurant offers several selections to satiate your shell and fish cravings. I was long been craving for the taste Read more

We are heading to Dapa in Siargao Island but we missed the last departing boat. We had no other choice but to spend the rest of the day in Surigao City. Marx, my companion on that trip, contacted a friend (Nathalie) and asked for a possible place to hang out. Nathalie, who happened to be a local, suggested us to visit Mabua Pebble Beach which is just a tricycle away Read more

Our Surigao trip’s awesomeness did not end with the island hopping in Siargao. On our third day, we navigated three hours from Siargao’s General Luna town to Bucas Grande Island to check on Tojoman and Sohoton Lagoons. These two great lagoons are accessible via the municipalities of Dapa and General Luna (GL) in Siargao Island or via the town of Socorro in Bucas Grande Island. Since we reserved our accommodation in GL, Read more