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A Short Visit to Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

A Short Visit to Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

Here’s what happened when I visited the Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace:


Jetavanna Hall of Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

But before everything else, let us talk about the photo above. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the wet section of my shirt that formed a triangle. I couldn’t control my sweat, people! Perhaps, the RealFeel® is 45°C in ‪#‎Bagan‬.

What I really wanted to share is the hall where I did the pose. That is the Jetavanna Hall of Thiri Zaya Bumi Golden Palace. The said hall was then used as a receiving hall for diplomats and dignitaries.

Behind me in the photo is the chamber of life-sized, pure gold statues of the Kings and their respective queens. Each statue is sculpted from 5 viss of gold (1 viss = 1.6 kilograms). So they are probably hollow inside. But still, those are luxurious.

By the way, the hall and most of the sections of the palace are made of hardwood.

The gate of Thiri Zaya Bumi

The gate of Thiri Zaya Bumi

When I got to the entrance, the lady attendant talked to me in local language. To change the direction of the one-way conversation, I asked for the entrance fee (in English, of course) though it was clearly stated in the signboard.

The officer-in-charge, who was just listening joined the conversation. He said; “This is the King’s Palace (while pointing the highest structure), you can walk around from the right, and you will get free ice cream for 5,000 kyats.”

The main hall of Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

The main hall of Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

“Wow. Thank you!” I said to express my appreciation. I paid the entrance fee then the lady handed me the palace’s brochure and my entrance ticket.

“Are you from Thailand?” he then asked.

“No Sir, I am from the Philippines.” I humbly replied.

“Oh! Philippines. Philippines is a beautiful country.” Whether he said that just to please me or whatever real opinion he had in mind, I did not care. But I still showed him my gratitude in return.

I wasn’t able to ask if he had been to the Philippines because he immediately did a follow up statement, “You look Burmese”.

Then I thought, he is not the first person who said that. Indonesians, Malaysians, and Thais do. My seatmate on flight AK 884 from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok three days before my Bagan visit thought I was Thai. She even talked to me in Thai. When she realized that I did not comprehend, she asked if I am a Malaysian. She was not surprised when I told her that I am Filipino.

Without waiting for my reply, he then asked, “Is it your first time here in ‪‎Myanmar‬?”.

“Yes, Sir” I replied.

“Do you like it?” he followed up.

“Yes, Sir. Very much.” was my sincere response.

But before we can continue our conversation, a swarm of tourists arrived and that made him busy. And so, I went my way to explore the palace.

Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

The palace is made from hardwood

Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

Amazing columns and carvings are rather impressive

Though he was busy, I overheard that he and the lady attendant talked about me. I heard Philippine (without an s) and Filipino in their conversation.

Before I went out, he approached with a tap on my shoulder and asked, “You enjoy?”. I gave him a nod, and then he said “You take care”. I bowed before him and said “Thank you very much!”

He then walked away to do his duties and left me with; “You’re welcome!”

Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

The interiors are stunning

Tourist monk at Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

Locals and monks explores the Palace too.

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  • Well, I wanted to regret not visiting the place when I was in Myanmar but instead I would say that I have now a reason to go back to Bagan.

    • Most of the travellers to Myanmar have reasons to return. For me, I really wanted to try that hot air balloon while gracing the sunrise.

      Nice sad daw ang winter season sa Bagan.

      • The Hot air balloon is to die for and on my top list to return to Bagan.

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