Melaka River at dusk
Melaka River at dusk

Almost a Love Story in Malacca City

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My sweats were dripping fast. My shirt turned darker with the pretty obvious wet discoloration. Though it was late in the afternoon, the tropical heat radiated as if it was high noon. And so, I took a break from my stroll. It was almost two hours since I started exploring by foot though.

I found this dessert bar along the riverbank just across Christ Church. I occupied a vacant seat with a good vantage point and ordered “Cendol Ais Cream” and fresh apple juice.

I had no idea what cendol means. I just ordered it because it looked yummy in the photos.

St. Francis Xavier Church Malacca
St. Francis Xavier Church

I looked around and found this person on gray shirt, standing at one corner, looking at a distance, and was sketching something on her A3 drawing pad.

My orders were served so my attention immediately shifted towards the coolers. I gazed at her once in a while, observing and trying to connect with what was inside her thoughts that time.

Cendol Ais Cream
Cendol Ais Cream

After the refreshment, I crossed the street towards the popular Catholic church. While I was in the midst of the pedestrian lane, I noticed the lady I mentioned earlier was watching me. Our eyes met for seconds but it felt like it was hours. I didn’t expect her to switch to a different location that fast.

I then walked passed her. If I only moved an inch closer, our shoulders could probably brushed each other.

I looked back and caught her looking at me. I stopped for a while and then returned.

She was then seated on a bench and beside her was another tourist. I took the spot close to her. That tourist was the only thing that separated us that very moment.

Malacca Sidecar Tour
I should have taken this rickshaw ride with her.

She was restless, she frequently checked her handbag, her phone, and her drawing pads. She stood up, walked around, and blended with the swarm of touts and tourists.

I was watching her all the time. I caught her staring at me too.

The situation remained like that for minutes.

Melaka River at dusk
Melaka River at dusk

A tour guide suddenly shouted in foreign language. It was a call. And then in a snap, I saw her leaving.

For the last time, she gave me smile but it was smile of good bye.

Ian Limpangog in Melaka
Alone in Melaka

If you notice why I’d been switching the use of Malacca and Melaka, it is because Malacca is just an English term of the Malay, Melaka.

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