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Touts approached every single individual alighting from every single bus that arrives in Bagan terminal. They offered taxi services with exceptional persistence. The sun was almost up and it was their major selling point—the guarantee of getting you at any available pagoda where the view of the sunrise is stunning. No other available cheaper transport that time, so I dealt with one to get me to a Pagoda for sunrise, and Read more

The main hall of Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace

Here’s what happened when I visited the Thiri Zaya Bumi Bagan Golden Palace: But before everything else, let us talk about the photo above. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the wet section of my shirt that formed a triangle. I couldn’t control my sweat, people! Perhaps, the RealFeel® is 45°C in ‪#‎Bagan‬. What I really wanted to share is the hall where I did the pose. That is Read more