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Where to Eat in Surigao City: Islands Seafood Restaurant

Where to Eat in Surigao City: Islands Seafood Restaurant

Islands Seafood Restaurant

Roxas City in Capiz is the country’s seafood capital but Surigao City also has the right to brag. There are lot of restaurants in the city where you can taste variety of seafood dishes. One of them is Islands Seafood Restaurant. Located along Rizal Street in the smack of the city, the Islands Seafood Restaurant offers several selections to satiate your shell and fish cravings.

Islands Seafood Restuarant's Saang Barbecue

A yummy plate of Spider Shell (Saang) barbecue

I was long been craving for the taste of Saang or spider shell. It is a childhood favorite, so, when I learned that the restaurant has saang dishes on their menu, I got really excited. At long last, I can savor the mildly sweet and tender meat of these rare snails.

I liked it stewed but a friend suggested to try the barbecue version. It was a bit chewy but I understood it – quick heat caused its meat to become gummy. It wasn’t disappointing though. The special barbecue sauce enhanced the natural flavor of the shellfish and I enjoyed it

Sweet and sour lLapu-lapu

Sweet and sour Lapu-lapu

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We also had a plate of Sweet and Sour lapu-lapu and tasty pinakbet.

islands seafood Restaurant's Pinakbet

Gulay Special – Pinakbet

Guests also talk about kalderetang kambing (chevon stewed in peanut sauce), garlic fried shrimp in butter, and sinigang (sour stew).

Inside Islands Seafood Restaurant in Surigao City

Inside Islands Seafood Restaurant in Surigao City

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