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groupie at white cove laiya

How to Commute and Where to Stay in Laiya, Batangas: A Travel Guide

Laiya is one of Manila’s closest beach. Just hop a bust from any major terminals Read more

Hinguiwin Falls

Hinguiwin Falls Side Trip: Ventured Adventure

Fresh from our runaway camp in Borawan Island, we headed directly to Hinguiwin Falls without Read more

The boardwalk in Siargao's Cloud 9

Things to do in Surigao del Norte

When you think of Surigao del Norte, Siargao immediately comes to mind and when you Read more

Borawan Beach

Borawan Beach and Dampalitan Island: An Unplanned Trip to Quezon Province

When I only had a week to my birthday, I constantly searched for a quick weekend Read more
Photo Collections
Daku Island, Siargao

Shutter Feature: Daku Island

You greatest appreciation came when you expect it the least. I allowed my travel companion, Marx, Read more

pedxing roxas boulevard

PedXing, Roxas Boulevard

Featuring Roxas Boulevard’s widest and busiest pedestrian crossing. This PedXing or pedestrian crossing, which connects Read more


Just 20 of the Thousand Reasons Why You Should Travel the Philippines

Like any other countries in the world, Philippines has something to boast especially in the Read more


A Beautiful Sunset

The sky glows in blue and orange, painting a beautiful scenery. With the Philippines 7,107 islands, Read more
breakfast: menemen

Fine Cuisine: The Ultimate Food Tour

When deciding where to travel what do you consider? You may think about the different Read more

A yummy plate of Spider Shell (Saang) barbecue

Where to Eat in Surigao City: Islands Seafood Restaurant

Roxas City in Capiz is the country’s seafood capital but Surigao City also has the Read more

Pina's Barbecue selections

Where to Eat in Butuan: Pina’s Barbecue

We arrived in Butuan late at night after our tour in the islands of Siargao Read more

Barbecue burger with Mustard

A Stuffing Stop-over at Stuff Over Burger Cafe

Tired and hungry – that was everyone’s complain after our Saturday morning boot camp. We Read more

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