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A Day of Adrenaline Rush at Ocean Park Hong Kong

A Day of Adrenaline Rush at Ocean Park Hong Kong

The 4th day of our tour was spent in Ocean Park Hong Kong. It wasn’t all about the aquarium and the marine animal shows but also for jittery fun. There is no room for kinetophobic, tachophobic, and acrophobic. It isn’t a good place to hang out for individuals with weak resolution and, most importantly, not for those who tend to spoil the enthusiasm. For daredevil wannabes, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a good place to start with.

The park has two main sections; the Waterfront and the Summit. The kiddie attractions like Grand Aquarium, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures (home of the Pandas), the Aqua City, the Old Hong Kong Games Zone, Amazing Asian Animals, and the Whiskers Harbour are all located in the Waterfront. On the other hand, the escape for those who haven’t completely left their childhood are found in the Summit such as the Hair Raiser, the Flash, the  Rapids, Mine Train, and the Abyss.

Dolphin garden at Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong Entrance

We started out tour with a meet and greet with the pandas, which was one of the ultimate dreams of a friend. Though I couldn’t relate to her tears, I was happy, knowing that those tears were tears of joy.

Hello There, Mr Panda!

The Busy Panda

Afterwards, we headed to the Grand Aquarium to meet my competitors of the sea. I wasn’t completely marveled because I was used to this kind of scenery (the actual ones) when I was younger. I went fishing with my dad, swim with the netted school of fishes, and dive with these undersea creatures. Well, my friends who know me much call me shokoy (fishman). It is not because of the way I look (off course!) but because my unusual agility and ability in the water. (Gross! That was totally unrelated.)

Ocean Park Hong Kong Aquarium

After the fishy tour, we proceeded to Old Hong Kong where the cable car station to the Summit is located. We knew that the morning ride was our only chance to ride the park’s cable car so we didn’t let go of that chance. We foresaw that the afternoon ride would not be feasible and we weren’t wrong. Each car can accommodate up to six individuals.

Cable Cars

We took Cable Cars to transfer from the Waterfront to the Summit


From afar, we heard screams and its getting louder and louder as we approached closer to the Summit. They were the riders of the Hair Raiser. It was weird that it didn’t scare us, instead, it awakened the thirst of adventure within us.

After alighting the cable car, we walked towards the Hair Raiser and started to fall in line in the not-so-long queue. Some of the girls were hesitant but we did not allow anyone to leave or back out. When it was our turn, we couldn’t do anything else but be carried away, felt the rush and succumbed the jitters.

Some demanded for another round, however, the queue was getting longer while some of us couldn’t say no to the call of hunger.

Ocean Park Hong Kong's "The Summit"

Ocean Park Hong Kong’s “The Summit”. A view from the Ocean Park Tower

Ocean Park Hong Kong Attractions

Ocean Park Hong Kong Attractions

We decided to fuel up at the nearby sandwich shop (within Ocean Park vicinity). When we’re full we tried the pay-per-game at the Challenge Zone.

Posing for the one small win

We were the loudest group when we tried the flash, the mine train, and the abyss. The Ocean Park Tower gave us the 360° view of the entire park, well, not actually 360° because we were not allowed to roam around the tower’s view deck.

The 360° view of the Ocean Park

The 360° view of the Ocean Park. Viewed from the Ocean park Tower

It was almost sunset when we decided to leave the park. The queue for cable car is more than a kilometer-stretched and was unorganized so we decided to take the alternative, the Ocean Express. It’s good thing that we took the cable car earlier.

The Ocean Express

The Ocean Express

To reach the Ocean Park, get off at the Admiralty station of the MTR and take Bus #629. When we visited Ocean Park, tickets are sold for HKD280.00 but was recently raised to HKD320.00. You can check this article to buy your tickets at a discount.