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Where to Buy Discounted Hong Kong Attraction Tickets or Passes

Where to Buy Discounted Hong Kong Attraction Tickets or Passes

It is unwise to spend all your travel budget. Likewise, spending more than what you allocated for the trip is a total nightmare. The worst is, if you swipe your credit card for unplanned expenses while away from home.

When you travel, every savings count. It will not only let you escape from imminent financial downturn, but will help you fund your upcoming adventures as well. Hence, getting few dollar slashes from your travel passes or tickets will keep you away from any pecuniary troubles in the future.

Hong Kong is an expensive country. To save, plan your itinerary and budget few weeks before your trip. And part of it is purchasing your attraction passes months or weeks ahead. They are usually on sale at huge discounts.

In this article, I listed some reliable merchants where you can buy discounted Hong Kong attraction tickets or passes in advance.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Entrance

Ocean Park Hong Kong Entrance

Reminder: Please note that while we try our best to make the information current, we do not regularly monitor the prices and the discounts offered by the merchants listed in this article. Please visit the official website of the park that you wish to visit to check the latest prices, and then compare them to the ones offered in the merchants listed below.


I updated this article to include Klook in the list. Klook is an online merchant that offers even more affordable attraction passes in Hong Kong. Not only that, they also have discounted transport options, such as tickets for the hop-on/hop-off bus, the Airport Express, and many more.


While the other options below offer up to HKD30 discount per pass, Klook’s discounts soar up to HKD40. For instance, the 1-day adult pass for Hong Kong Disneyland is HKD499 but Klook sells it for only HKD458. That is HKD41 discount you will have there. Also, for the Ocean Park HongKong, they sell the ticket for only HKD298 from the actual HKD345 ticket booth price. Klook also offers discounts to AquaLuna Night Cruise, the Sky100, Helicopter Tours, Ngong Ping 360, and many more.

Klook is now the most reliable online merchant in the list. Aside from the Hong Kong offers, it also sells attraction passes and tour packages to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, etc.

Klook accepts credit card and PayPal payments.


We found another equally affordable attraction merchant online, KKDay. It offers discounts that are comparable, and sometimes higher, to that of Klook. This Taiwan-based offers experience package at affordable rates to almost every country around the world.

You can book the following Hong Kong attractions in KKDay at huge discounts:


When I first visited Hong Kong, I bought my Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets online at HotelinHongKong.net. They came with HKD30.00 discount for each passes. That’s HKD60.00 savings for the two passes alone. They also have discounted tickets for Peak Tram Sky Pass, Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, Ngong Ping 360, etc. If you plan to have to have a day side trip to Macau, you can purchase your round trip Cotai Jet ticket with Galaxy Hotel quick meal coupon all for HKD290.00 only.

HotelinHongkong.net accepts major credit cards for your payments and they will issue vouchers via email. You can claim the actual Disneyland ticket at Disneyland’s Automagic ticket booth. On the other hand, the Ocean Park voucher that they issue already serves as the actual pass. Just keep a clear print of the bar code and/or the QR code.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong

CTS (Hong Kong) Limited

China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited offers competitive prices for Hong Kong attractions passes. They usually give HKD20.00 discount for their Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets. They also offer tour packages at cheaper prices. CTS accepts major credit cards for online booking. You can also visit at any of their Hong Kong and Macau branches and they’ll give discounts similar to that of online transactions.



The last time I checked their prices, TicketMart.hk offers Disneyland ticket prices comparable to that of HotelinHongKong.net and competitive prices to other Hong Kong attractions. They do not accept credit cards. For international visitors, you can still book you attraction passes but you have to pay and pick up the tickets when you arrive in Hong Kong at their designated pickup or payment locations.

Guest Houses in Hong Kong

Our accommodation in Hong Kong, H.K.Taisan Guest House, also offers discounted tickets. You can get HKD5 to HKD15 discount depending on the attraction. You just need to book a day in advance. Note that only guests checked in at the guesthouse can avail the promotion. Other guesthouses offer this type of deal as well.

For a list of places to stay in Hong Kong, visit and book at Agoda or Booking.com where you have several accommodation options to choose from.

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  • Janice Sionzon

    legit po ba dto? http://www.ticketmart.hk/%E8%BF%AA%E5%A3%AB%E5%B0%BC-c-110.html balak kasi sana nmin dito kumuha ng disney ticket.

    • Probably yes po, pero I haven’t tried their services yet. I still recommend Klook for HK tickets.

  • Andielika Maria De Guzman

    Hi. Is klook reliable? 🙂 first time i heard about that site. I’d like to purchase 3 ocean park and hkdisneyland park tickets 🙂 where in the park is the automagic booth? 🙂


  • Anna Pabiloña

    Hi I’d like to inquire where can I get the cheapest ticket for Disneyland & Ocean Park we will be in HK this coming January 2016. Hope to hear from you.


  • zarina venzon

    Hello Ian, Im trying to book at Klook now and asking for the date. We plan to travel disneyland on Jan 29, but seems that it can’t select Jan 2016 but it says that ticket is valid til Mar 2016. Im kinda confused. Can you help me?

    • Hi Zarina, will email my contact about this. I will let you know once I have answers.

      • zarina venzon

        okay Ian, ill wait for your reply. we need to buy online soonest since the travel date is Jan 31, 2016

      • Maica Janina Dy Garcia-Rabena

        Also encountering the same prob here..

  • travelbuddy

    Hi Sir, Hotelinhongkong.net’s price are way cheaper than other sites. Are they really reputable?

    • Hey, travelbuddy! As you can read in the article, I bought my tickets at hotelinhongkong.net during my first visit and got no issue.

      • travelbuddy

        There is a remark that the ticket for the peak combo needs to be collected in their Tsim Sha Tsui office.

        • some attractions do not accept QR/Bar Codes, that is why you need to pick up the actual tickets.

          • travelbuddy

            Your blog is really helpful! And, thanks for answering my queries. I successfully booked OP tickets from them. I haven’t decided about the peak combo though. Still weighing the hassle of picking it up in their office vs the savings.

            • Thanks! Some hotels also offer discounted The Peak tickets. I don’t recommended you buying the tickets the Peak Tram station. The queue is terrible.

  • Jamaica

    Hi Sir Ian, I just want to ask if you have friends or any one you know who tried to book in Klook for Disneyland and Ocean park tickets? is it reliable? We are going to Hong Kong on Monday. Please help me. Thank you.

    • Jamaica, I did, when I ran a giveaway before, I was the one who booked the ticket for the winner. It was smooth.

      • Jamaica

        Thank you for your response sir, :)..What if I book our tickets today, Are they going to send it to me after 24 hours?

        • That is expected. Tell me if not, I will contact someone from the inside.

  • Elmira Masinsin

    hi ian, this is very informative.. i also plan to do the same this coming january wjen we visit hk..
    with regards to hotelinhongkong, are they the same with asiatravelcare? did you get your park tickets there?
    if incase i will buy their pay in cash special.. will i be able to get the actual tickets once i pay it at their tst office and could we use it on that same day… we’re in a tight schedule and we only got 2 days in hk, which we plan to spend in DL and OP.. thanks mira

    • Elmira, I believe they are sister companies.

      I bought my vouchers online, as stated in Section 2 above. If you have time to visit the vendor’s office to pay and pick up your ticket, then go. Note that the savings you may get in picking up the ticket may not be enough to compensate your transportation expenses to get to their office. Also, you said that you only have two days. You need at least a day to fully explore Ocean Park and another day for DisneyLand.

      • Elmira Masinsin

        hi ian, yes our day one will be oceanpark and day two will begiant buddah and disneyland.. we are 4pax and we will be checking in at tst before we proceed to OP.. we will also buy venetian gondola tickets and ferry tickets there so we could save more.. by the way, should i make a pre reservation online and informthem that i will be paying at their office when we get there? thanks..

        • I believe you have to complete the order from the website by selecting those with “Pay in Cash Special” options. Print whatever proof they give you and then bring it with you at their TST office to pay and claim the ticket.

          • Elmira Masinsin

            will i be able to get the actual tickets na? so we could use it na din afterwards? pasensya na ah.. dame ko tanong…

  • Lucy Pangelinan

    When buying tickets for Disneyland HK or other attractions, when is it TOO early to buy or TOO late to buy? Do the prices change quite a lot? I’m traveling to HK in May 16, and wondering if too early to buy or can I buy 1 week before I travel?

    • Lucy, based on my observation, Disneyland tickets never went down. I paid HKD320 for an adult pass in June 2013, now its HKD490 in the park entrance. Thus you should buy your passes whenever they are available. Tickets are available 1-3 months before the date of visit.

  • Adeline Tan

    Hi Ian,

    I just went into HotelinHongKong.net and I was checking ticket prices for Ocean Park. What does it mean by Pay in Cash Special ? Im a Malaysian so am I eligible for this price ? Thank you.

    • Sorry, Adeline if it took me so long to answer your inquiry.

      Yep, everyone, regardless of the nationality, can avail the pay cash special. You just need continue your transaction online by selecting “Pay Cash Special” option, print whatever is given as a proof of transaction, then visit their Tsim Sha Tsui office in Hong Kong to pick up the ticket and pay them in cash.

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  • Jovi JoviJovi

    Hi! I noticed that you added klook to your list. their discount for HK disneyland seems too good to be true. klook I noticed was established only late 2014. Are they reliable?

    • Hi Jovi, I have a touch-base with one of the trusted contacts from Klook. If you have issues with the bookings, let me know.

      • Lucy Pangelinan

        I am wondering if anybody have had any trouble redeeming the tickets purchased from Klook. I’m going to Disneyland in 1 month and is a family of 4 so I would like to get the best deal possible, but is afraid of scammers.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Ian. This is a very informative blog. Well done!!! When buying tickets through hotelinhongkong.net, is there any limitations to the attraction offers? Another question is the visit date that must be fill in. Is it we must redeem the voucher as to the visit date we stated or we can redeem other day?

    • Hi Jennifer, when you buy passes at HotelinHongKong.net, you are given vouchers which you can exchange to actual tickets or use as entry pass itself. Thus, it will follow the same terms of use. I don’t think of any limitation.

      You can use/exchange your vouchers on the day of your visit.

      The voucher contains the complete instruction so be sure to read every detail stipulated.

  • jeni

    Hi Ian, first of all thanks a lot for your blog, its very informative and helpful.
    Also want to ask re the discounted round trip Cotaijet ticket (290HK$).
    Since, we are planning to go to HK from Macau on Jan 12, 11pm and go back to Macau on Jan 16, 730am
    I’m thinking if we can also avail the discounted ticket and be able to use it from macau? And how will we able to get the actual tickets in Macau as I understand this will be an open ticket.


    • Hi jeni, I believe you can still get the discount. What I am not sure of is, if it is fine if you are coming from Macau. The actual ticket pickup locations they listed on their site are their HQ and their ticketing office near the terminal which are both in HK.

      Please contact them using the contact form they have in their website for further clarifications. They are responsive, promise!

  • Jeff

    Hello! Sir Ian. Can I have your personal email? so I could ask you personally. I have lots of questions. My first time to visit macau and hongkong. Please. Thanks!

    • Hi, Jeff! Please provide a valid email. I tried sending you an email using the email address you used to register in disqus but it seems not active.

      You can also utilize the contact form in the menu. Thanks!

  • hazell

    hi sir Ian! i bought disneyland and ngong ping tickets at hotelinhongkong.net yesterday noon, but until now, i have’nt receive the e tickets. it’s more than 24 hrs already, is that ok?

    • iAn

      Hi Hazell, you can email sales5@hotelinhongkong.net to follow-up your vouchers. State the date of transaction and the transaction number. I believe you are given one in your HotelinHongkong.net account.

  • bhong

    hi sir ian,we are planning to go to hk this october,can u recommend cheap hotel/hostel good for family of 4,TIA

  • Hi! Thanks for these info! My friends and I are visiting HK in 2 weeks, and this has been a great help! 🙂

  • Kristine

    Hi Sir! My family will be visiting HK this September 12 (it’s my birthday) and I learned that it is also the anniversary of the theme park. Do you know by any chance, if they are offering free passes or more discounts for those celebrating their birthday on the same day? 🙂

    • ian

      Nice, advance Happy Birthday, Kristine! Sorry but I don’t hear or read any HK Disneyland promotions for their incoming anniversary. Try checking their website on a regular basis to monitor on such promos. You can also contact them directly and state that your birthday falls on their anniversary – if you are lucky, you may get a special treat.

      Regards and best wishes!

  • grace

    Hi, I think the price is the same in hotelinhongkong, still 420. How can I avail the discount? Its not indicated in the instructions. Thank you!

    • ian

      Hi Grace. That is correct, the adult 1-day ticket costs around HKD420 in HotelinHongKong.net but the regular ticket price is HKD450 so you still have HKD30 discount. You will get an even higher discount for the 2-day passes.

      You can check the regular price from Hong Kong Disneyland website by clicking here.

      Please note that the posted purchasing instruction was prepared a year ago, so there might have many price increase since then.

      • grace

        ah yah..thank you very much! ^-^

  • Vie

    Hi! Can I use my eastwest card to purchase tickets? Do you have an idea how it will be converted from dollars to peso?

    • ian

      Hi Vie,

      When you use your card to purchase tickets online, the conversion will depend on your bank’s published exchange rate. You can contact them directly for answers. Just make sure that your Eastwest credit card is approved to do online transactions.

      If you want to use your credit card in Hong Kong, please contact your bank, I believe they have the best answers to your questions. Remember that some banks require you to activate your card for overseas transactions.

      • Vie

        Thanks Ian! I think I have to call the bank muna to be sure.

        • ian

          Yup, that is the best thing to do.

  • celine

    hi,if i bought ticket for 1 Aug, the tickets still valid or not if i redeem on 2 August? thanks

    • ian

      Hi Celine,

      I can’t answer that since I have no idea where you bought your ticket. Please ask the vendor directly or read the ticket terms if available.

      If you bought it from HotelinHongkong.net, the voucher will be emailed to you with “months” validity. You can claim your ticket within the voucher validity period.

  • milanie

    Hi Sir..How early I can buy the ticket in hotelinhongkong.net? note that we will be in hk disneyland on aug 25,2014..can I buy the as early as now..is there a certain validity period?

  • ferdz

    Hi Sir! I am planning to travel to HK, with me are my wife and 6 children.
    What is best, to take a tour package or purchase tickets and avail everything
    in HK or internet bookings…

    • iAn

      Sir Ferdz,

      with 6 children, it is better that you take package tour.

      Doing the tour with your own will be pesky since you have to take care of your transport and accommodation. Also, taking the busy MTR wouldn’t be easy because you have 6 children to look after. Taxis are expensive.

  • Mysa

    I need to ask you since I have just recently purchase four tickets to Disneyland from HotelinHongKong.net, is the issuing E-voucher only on one piece of paper for all 4 persons? Does it not require 1 voucher for each person? Will the park be able to read for all 4 in just one E-voucher? I’m afraid that if I go with just that the park will only accept one person even if it says on the voucher that the number of tickers is 4. Thanks for your help!

    • iAn

      Hi Mysa,

      Does the e voucher indicate the ticket quantity?

      Don’t worry, you won’t be using the voucher as passes to access Disneyland. They do have automatic ticket booth close to the park’s main entrance where you can scan the e voucher’s QR code to print your tickets (4 tickets in your case).

      • Mysa

        Yes it did indicate the ticket number. Thank you so much! You’ve been a great help

  • Nikki

    Hello! I just want to ask about the ticket for Senior citizen. Pwede ba sya i-avail kahit hindi Hong Kong citizen? Thanks! 🙂

    • iAn

      Hi Nikki, I believe that for the SC to avail the SC discount, you must present a valid HK SC card. Please verify this info directly to the merchant. Thanks!

  • Great info. Lucky mee I recently found your website by accident
    (stumbleupon). I have saved it ffor later!

  • Gel

    Hi i just want to ask if the hotelinhongkong.net agency is a legit seller? Thanks.:)

    • iAn

      Hi Gel, I bought my Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets online using my credit card at HotelinHongkong.net, the transactions were smooth, and my vouchers were honored at the park. I assume that they are legit based on that experience.

      Also, HotelinHongkong.net is registered as Asia Travel Care Company Ltd. (TIC Lic. No.353113) with headquarters in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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  • Charlotte

    Hello. This is informative. Just want to ask on how can I claim the Ocean Park ticket will they be sending e-mail or the invoice with confirmed payment will do.

    • iAn

      Hi Charlotte,

      If you are going to buy at HotelinHongKong.net, they will send you an e-voucher with bar code that is machine-readable at the ocean park’s entrance.

      You will need to pickup the actual tickets at their respective offices if you buy at ticketmart and CTS.

      Taisan will give you the actual ticket after payment but you need to reserve it a day before. You must also be their guest to avail the discounted passes.

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  • raymond

    hi ian,

    Thanks for the sharing the posts. Question though, summing it all up, where is it best to buy tickets for the hongkong attractions? And the safest and no scams.

    more power.

    • iAn

      Hi Raymond,

      I bought my Disneyland and Ocean Park Tickets at HotelinHongKong.net and there were no hassles in claiming the actual entrance passes (for Disneyland). The e-voucher they issue is machine-readable at Ocean Park entrance. I bought the rest of my attraction passes at H.K. Taisan Guest House which is usually up to 10HKD higher than that of HotelinHongKong.net but a lot more convenient. You just need to advise the caretaker the day prior your visit.

      I enlist CTS (Hong Kong) Limited and TicketMart.hk based-on peer recommendations.

  • Bongs

    Hello, sir!

    Do you know the collection details for The Peak + Sky Pass and Ngong Ping 360 tickets if we purchase from HotelinHongKong.net? Do we still need to pick those up or can we just use/exchange our e-vouchers at the attraction entrance?

    Thank you so much. 🙂

    • iAn

      Hi Bongs,

      For Peak Tram Sky Pass, you need to collect the ticket at their Tsim Sha Tsui Ticketing Office. For Sky100 Observation Deck of The Peak and Ngong Ping 360, they will be issuing e-vouchers that are machine readable at the attraction entrance. You also email them directly at sales@hotelinhongkong.net to get complete instrutions from them. Don’t worry, they have polite agents/staffs.

      • Bongs

        Thanks so much, sir Ian! 🙂

        • iAn

          Not a problem, Sir. 🙂

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