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Cayangan (Kayangan) Lake Coron Palawan

Valentine’s Day has passed but it is still a love month. So I guess, it isn’t too late for me to share my love story, a story that isn’t all about what you are thinking. It is a love affair that hopeless romantics could not get an inspiration with – but, I wish, globetrotters do. Unlike any other tales, it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, it started bitter. Read more

surviving sagada

After looking for the best way to spend a weekend, I made a last minute registration with Travel Factor’s Conquer Sagada tour. I was a solo joiner. I boarded a bus with group of strangers, all with the same destination. I had minimal expectations during that moment and my primary goal was to, at least, enjoy the trip.

In a relationship, it requires more than just understanding everything but more importantly to understand the things that don’t make sense at all. Somehow, the only way to make sense of what is going on is to just understand it the way things are, no further analysis. People sometimes pursue so many arguments so as to come up on how things should be understood, forgetting that things are simply the Read more

When we are challenged by our deepest fears and frustrations, we anchor on love to keep us above the fears and frustrations we have. Love for our craft, love for our parents or family, love for God, love for someone special, love for friends, love for the simple things, love for everything we have and we don’t have. Sometimes, what we are left of us is the love that encompasses Read more

Two faces of Mother and child

Ms S, a mother, often made a squabble with his elder teenage sons. Reasons include; scolding them when they came home late or not allowing them to attend friendly gatherings of their age and for not giving them the liberty to decide on their own. One day, the youngest followed the same footsteps of his elder brothers. The feared word war between Ms S and her youngest has broken their Read more

We live day by day carrying the consciousness that our individuality may somehow make other people hate or love us. Somehow, it will reach a point that we will begin to care for those people who are willing and brave enough to accept us – for all that we are and all that we can be. We fight for their acceptance. We even begin to trade off certain things for Read more

There comes a point in our life when you need to say it’s over for you. It’s over for the dreams you want to achieve, it’s over for the plans you have planning for the longest time, it’s over for the times you have been waiting for something to happen, and it’s simply over for the things you love to have and yet you simply can’t. Maybe it’s not about Read more