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Tim Ho Wan's best-selling pork buns

Cebu is one the Philippines’ hot spot for gastronomic adventure. A wide variety of cuisine and dining options dot around the city. From time to time, new food stalls and restaurants spring up like mushrooms, adding more entries to the long list of dining destinations. And soon, a Michelin-starred food chain will be among its additions. Hong Kong’s famous Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, is opening its 7th branch Read more

Rico's Lechon Baked Scallops

The chestnut-brown to ebony timber furnishing, the inky metal frames and railings, and the transparent glass panels give the façade of the newest branch of Rico’s Lechon a simple yet elegant look. From the inside, the designs are not simple at all. The interiors are carefully matched to the finest details from the seat upholstery, wall and ceiling hangings, flower arrangements, to lighting works, as well as the creative use Read more

The Mighty Ton by Casa Verde is good for 8 to 12 persons

For four straight days, bloggers from Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bohol, and Manila hopped around Metro Cebu to experience the best of Cebuano food scene. We tasted interesting variety of flavors and witnessed inspiring success stories. On our list were established restaurants and upscale diners, as well as the impressive surviving small players in the industry. I will share about them individually in my future articles. Cebu Food Crawl Read more

Oyster Bay's signature crab

From afar, it was like a huge gazebo, seating northeast of the Mactan Newtown roundabout. Around 24 gigantic pillars in total stand firmly on the octagonal sides to support the massive roofing. No wall covers—not even temporary draping. 500 seats were arrayed around the sturdy wooden tables, spread within the inner perimeter. At the very center are the tenants who were handpicked by the developer to cater authentic Cebuano taste to their Read more

Crunchy slow roast pork belly with apple and fennel compote

Perched at Cebu’s spic neighborhood, Casa Uno by Circa 1900 is a food spot that you have to reach prepensely. Though getting there is easy with a cab, getting out would be a bit of challenge. For those who do not drive, Uber and Grab apps are rather convenient. Casa Uno by Circa 1900 The restaurant occupies the heritage house seating at the southern end of Sanjercas Ville Extension Road. The old-world charm Read more

Spicy yellow squid

Gorgeous lasses greet you upon arrival. One of them leads you to a comfortable seat. She then introduces the specials and wait until you decided what to order. Royal, white leather seats are arrayed at the corners. A glass-topped table runs through the spacious section of the room. It is matched with cozy and comfortable chairs. At one corner, a small platform stands for performances. Beside it is the bar that Read more

My all-time favorite: Gambas Pasta

I found it dimmer than usual at first glance. Though the lighting coordination complimented well to the interior design, I couldn’t say that the ambiance is inviting enough for the lower middle class. I heard that Dong Juan offers food for every “Juan”, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Ordinary individuals may find it too flashy, but not opulent enough to invite the rich. Or, maybe, I am just Read more