Boodle fight, a traditional Filipino-style dining
Boodle fight, a traditional Filipino-style dining

Boodle Art and Beyond, Dessert Studio: Cebu’s newest gastronomic destination

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Boodle Art & Beyond, and its sister, Dessert Studio and Restohaus recently opened their doors to Cebu’s discriminating palate, which added a unique spin to the already diverse and rich culinary options in the metro.

The idea-turned-family-business originally started at an extra space at home. When the business gained traction and interests from neighbors, friends, and travelers, the home space could not accommodate the surge. The plan of expanding became perspicuous.

Boodle Art Experience with Xerxes Bernadez, Ian Limpangog, Leylan Romarate, and Guada Cuizon
Taking on the boodle challenge

The family purchased an unused warehouse and converted it into a chic restaurant. The wooden shelving is made into fine furniture. The lighting fixtures set the comforting ambiance, while the boodle art paintings that hang on its walls reinforces the kind of creativity that the restaurant offers. Each element added a stunning compliment to the interior design.

Boodle Art and Beyond Interior and Lightings
Boodle Art &Beyond converted an old warehouse into a restaurant and recycled the wooden shelvings. The furnitures the use are recycled materials.
The chic interior of Boodle Art & Beyond

Boodle Fight

Boodle Art & Beyond is inspired on Boodle fight, a Philippine army’s group-dining style. Troops gather around a long table where food options are spread across. Rice is normally at the center while the dishes, such as fried or grilled seafood or meat, lumpia, pancit, chicken or pork adobo, and tropical fruit slices are distributed around it. Eating is done bare handedly.

Though the food choices on the table may have evolved as time passes, the camaraderie gets stronger and the experience becomes a lot noteworthy. Ranks and social classes do not matter around the boodle fight table. You eat together and finish all the food together.

Boodle Art & Beyond

Boodle Art & Beyond offers various boodle fight package for guests. Each package comes with unlimited rice and are good for four persons. You can bring another person but you need to shell out 100-peso more. The additional person will enjoy the unli rice as well.

The seafood and meat options are the following:

  • Meaty Lovers (₱ 1,800)
  • All Time Fave (₱ 1,800)
  • Land & Sea (₱ 2,200)
  • Oceanic (₱ 2,800)

Meaty Lovers

The meaty lovers package came with chicharong bulaklak, lechon kawali, grilled pork belly, baked chicken, chicken cracklings, and Bicol express.

Boodle Art Meaty Lovers package
Boodle Art Meaty Lovers package

All Time Fave

When you order the All Time Fave package, expect fish balls, tempura (Cebuano style), ngohiong, pork barbecue, fried atay and batikon, chicharong bulaklak, chorizo, and crispy chicken.

Land & Sea

For the Lad & Sea package, you can enjoy the chicken cracklings, buttered shrimps, grilled squid, crispy bangus, grilled pork belly, kinilaw (na isda), and baked scallops.


For the Oceanic package, you will get calamari, crablets, inutakang alimango, steamed crabs, buttered shrimps, grilled squid, fish kebob, and baked scallops.

Boodle Art & Beyond Oceanic package
Boodle Art Oceanic package (modified)

You may also customize your boodle. Just make sure the you contact the restaurant in advance.

Boodle Art Custom Seafood set
Boodle Art Custom Seafood set

Dessert Studio and Restohaus

Dessert Studio seats adjacent to Boodle Art & Beyond. The restohaus offers specialty cakes that are made from real fruit. They also serve hot brews and set meals.

Dessert Studio's Durian Cake: This is a must-try
Dessert Studio’s Durian Cake: This is a must-try

Durian, jackfruit, and avocado cakes are must-try. They also have kiwi, strawberry, blueberry cheesecakes, and many more.

Dessert Studio and Retohaus Cakes
Team Bell Reacts: Leylan Romarate, Ian Limpangog, Guada Cuizon, Xerxes Bernadez
Team Bell Reacts

Bookings and Reservations

Boodle Art normally takes time to prepare. We suggest that you reserve at least 4 hours before your visit, so by the time you arrive at the restaurant, the food is ready to be served.

For bookings, you may visit Boodle Art & Beyond’s Facebook page or call any of the following numbers:

  • (032) 236 0640
  • (032) 516 3270
  • +63 997 075 6705
  • +63 932 725 0078

Address: 10 Tres Borces Extension, Brgy Kasambagan, Cebu City

Ian Limpangog at Boodle Art & Beyond
Cannot let the photoshoot pass

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