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Inside Father Burgos Museum (Vigan)

Inside Father Burgos Museum (Vigan)

If your going to Vigan, don’t forget to include Father Burgos Museum in your itinerary. The museum is located beside Ilocos Sur Provincial Capitol and is few minutes walk from Kalye Crisologo, Vigan Cathedral, or Plaza Salcedo. The Museum is also declared as a satellite museum of the National Museum.

Inside the museum are historical dioramas, portrait exhibit of Ilocos influential personalities, archaeological and historical artifacts, collection of Father Burgos memorabilia and photographs, family antiques, and jewelries. Father Burgos’ quarters and a mini library containing his student Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere are also showcased in the museum.

Below are few of the photos I took in the museum. (click photo to zoom)


basi container
diorama of the construction of vigan cathedral
diorama of the hero's death
diorama of the ilocos workers
distinguised individuals who have contributed to ilocano mystique
father burgos museum level 2
fr. Burgos Museum garden
horseless kalesa
inside father burgos museum bedroom
inside father burgos museum dirty kitchen
inside father burgos museum level 2
jars or tapayan
sinaunang kalasag
Kusina ng Bahay ni Padre Burgos
model of japanese vessel that liberates the philippines
model of pechili trading junk
music and living area
ancient telephone
replica of garrotte
sa hapag ng sinaunag pilipino
Sa Sala ng Bahay ni Padre Burgos
Fr. Burgos museum scapulars
hollow wood coffin
wooden statue of Virgin Mary