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Kalesa Tour

Vigan is one of the most interesting cities in the Philippines. It does not only features ancestral houses dated a way back the colonial period but also allows you to experience some bits and pieces of the modern world. Vigan moves through time and it carried everything it has from the past to the contemporary times. Though a city, Vigan emanates a rustic vibe contratry to major urban centers in the Read more

Built way back the Manila – Acapulco galleon trade era, the Calle Crisologo houses in the city of Vigan continue to subsist. Thanks to the efforts of the local government, the National Historical Institute, and some concerned citizens in preserving these extant architectures – which allows the current, and I hope the future generations, to personally behold these pieces of history. Though there are traces of degradation, since some of Read more

Hidden Garden is located at Brgy. Bulala, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. As the name says, the garden is hidden to some random folks and passers-by. You need to intentionally visit the Garden to witness its real beauty. Good thing that they don’t charge an entrance fee.  The photo below is a pink lily taken from the Hidden Garden. Make sure you include Hidden Garden in your future visit to heritage city Read more

I spent the second day of my Ilocos tour in Vigan. I’ll soon share my entire experience and itinerary in the next few days. From Laoag, where my hotel is located, I rode an ordinary bus to Vigan. The bus left at 7AM and arrived in the heritage city passed 9:30AM. I got off along Quezon Avenue in Front of Vigan City Hall (a block just across Ilocos Sur Provincial Capitol).