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The modern day Siem Reap, a home to 9th-century temples, is an archaeological haven. Antique enthusiasts flock to this humble yet vibrant city to witness the grandeur it once have. Though all that is left are empty structures and rubbles of the angkors (or temples), people from around the world are still interested and curious. Some scholars said that secrets lurk in every walls and corners of the temples in Read more

One Monday morning, I suddenly thought of travelling to Baler. I considered going alone but upon thinking of the expenses, I became reluctant. I did some research and presented the itinerary with the corresponding expenses to my office mates. I also included a day side trip to Minalungao National Park in the list of the things to do. Five of them confirmed to join me, while two others promised to follow Read more

Before we headed to our 7-day Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam Tour, I made some research as to what are the places to visit, transportation to take, and their corresponding fees. Here is the actual result of that research which includes the commuting guide and itinerary. I provided some links (colored fonts) just in case you wanted to know the details of our tour. You can leave your comment(s) if you have questions and I’ll Read more

This Hong Kong + Macau Itinerary and Guide is based on my actual assessment on how to possibly fit-in all your “things to do” during your travel. We were a large group (15 individuals) when we traveled to Hong Kong and we fit-in all the tourist destinations in our list for just 5 days. So if you visit the place with fewer folks in the group, you can do it without Read more

We spent the day 2 of our Hong Kong+Macau Tour in Macau. I prepared this Macau day tour itinerary to fit-in most of Macau’s tourist spots in one whole day. This itinerary applies for solo to small group travelers coming from Hong Kong. Make sure you take the earliest boat to Macau so you won’t miss something out. You can take Cotai Jet which leaves Hong Kong  as early as Read more

Sitting in the northeastern tip of Panay Island, Islas de Gigantes is making a buzz among backpacking enthusiasts—seemingly inclining its trend towards popularity. The once unknown is making its name to the list of Philippine scenic destinations—competing with other new comers on the rise. I can’t say its virgin since the locals had long been scouting its beautiful territories before any outsiders do. Islas de Gigantes is comprised of two Read more