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Le Monet Hotel in Camp John Hay is one of the most recommended hotel in Baguio City

No one disputes Baguio City as the summer capital of the Philippines. Because of such fame, many other temperate communities around the country call themselves little Baguio. Though there are many other cooler places around; Sagada and Banaue, to name a few, Baguio still remains the place to go for the majority of Filipino vacationers. With a climate that may go as low as 8 °C from December to February, Read more

The temperature in Baguio City is dipping down to a low 8°C and you are probably thinking to venture out into this unusual chill. Baguio City Baguio is a typical destination for those who wanted to escape from the scorch of the summer heat. For the first two months of the year, however, people flocked to this highland city to experience the shivering atmosphere. The city also celebrates the festival Read more

We left Victory Liner Cubao Station at 9PM and reached Baguio City past 3AM the next day. As expected, it was cold, even colder than the bus’ frosting A/C. We transferred to GL/Lizardo Trans, which left Baguio at 4AM, and navigated the Philippines’ most thrilling and most bewildering highway, the Benguet National or Halsema Highway. After 2 hours traversing the crooked road, we made a stop at Morning Star Fastfood Read more

Commute in Baguio

Visiting Baguio is an expensive trip. A round trip fare from Manila to Baguio will cost you nearly a thousand pesos while the hotel accommodation may cost you another thousand or two. You still have to pay for your meals and of course, buy bring-home presents. Another expense is paying for a taxi fee for your tour, which rates peg at 2,000 to 3,500 pesos. If you are in a Read more

the Mansion, Baguio

The hardest hard thing to do before an unplanned trip is to drag or convince someone to accompany you. It was Friday night when I decided to visit Baguio for the first time. Of course, I could not simply phone a friend and invite him/her for the tour. Though I tried but it was a failure – if not because of prior acquaintance, it’s because they’re unprepared. But still, I Read more

Baguio PMA

A continuation from… After my tour in Mines View and Good Shepherd’s Convent, I rode a jeepney back to the City’s downtown (near Burnham Park). I then took a jeepney going to Fort Del Pilar which houses the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). My timing was perfect because it was PMA’s graduation ceremony whose Guest of Honour was no less than President Aquino. The jeepney dropped me off near the runway Read more