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How many classifications of friends do we have?

Theres a NODDING friend, TRUE friend, BEST friend, and OLD friend. When you set foot on a strange place…everyone becomes a NODDING friend. Eventually, you pick some people as TRUE friends. Then you get to choose one or two as BEST friends. As time goes by, you find your self in a strange place again and those people you met becomes OLD friends.

Now, why do friends come and go? Why not just keep them forever?

Every story has to end as they say. The problem is….. we get hurt knowing that you wont be seeing them often. Worst case, you are being left behind. Then again it is something that we dont really have to be upset of. The truth is….we meet new people for a REASON. We learned new things from them and in return they learned some things too. Iregardless of wether those things were good or bad. What makes it a big deal is how we take it in life. It’s a gift we’re not aware of. As the cliche goes…..”It is how we touch people’s lives and get in to their heart.” Once the exchange is done, then life moves on. Still, we dont really cut the communication between us. For we are certain that TRUE FRIENDS are hard to find but once you DID….its worth keeping for a lifetime.

It doesnt matter where they are right now……,what they’re doing…….and who they are with. What matter’s most is …………………

WE are lucky enough to have those PRECIOUS PEOPLE a PART of our life.


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