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2011 was the most challenging year for me. If ever someone would be interested to know my biography, I would highlight such year to be the toughest year. I couldn’t count the intances that my heart beat faster than normal, the nights which I hadn’t get enough and restful sleep, and the workdays where I only kept on browsing on outside opportunities. Arrhythmia and sleeping disorder were some of the few harvests I raked from the distinguished people’s seeds.
Why I say so?

It was April when my father was diagnosed of Microscopic Hematuria, a disease secondary to possible cardiovascular disease. At late 40’s, that may be normal but it fell short on my readiness to handle the situation provided that I am the only one working in the family. He stayed in the hospital for quite some time and left us a large bill.

Here came May when a “great flood” struck to one of the domains I was dwelling. A flood brought by the egocentric and corrupt intentions of some individuals ruling the domain. We lost lives on the first day of the flood and few more on the later days. We lost our rights to valiantly protect our individual realms, our passion to incessantly prosper, and our trust to unfalteringly keep our feet on our grounds.

So I tried seeking some ways to escape and when I did, I told myself that I won’t leave without making these monsters be punished. I called the gods and informed them about the evil works of these goblins straying in our domain. However, the lead evil deceived the gods. His tongue is a mighty swindle and his saliva is a perfect potion. Literally, I saw the devil in his human form.

November when I left the devil’s lair and dwell in a new home. Due to the close proximity of my den from the dark burrow, I sometimes hear him moan, closer and closer everyday.

December when Sendong ravaged our province, Negros Oriental. Though part of house needs major repair, I am still very thankful that none of my family was hurt and that the situation in our place was not as worse as in Cagayan de Oro or Iligan (Let us all pray for them; for the healing of the wounds, for the next ascend, and for the survival).

2011 is indeed a tough year and the only way for us to move forward is to move on and give the past a rest.

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