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Mystical Cave: An Interesting Place to Contemplate

Mystical Cave: An Interesting Place to Contemplate

One great location to visit and reflect this Lenten season is Inday Nelly’s Mystical Cave in Antipolo City, Rizal.  This 8-level deep cave attracts both tourists and devotees because of the holy figures and biblical images naturally formed or carved to its walls. This also draws the interests of researchers because of its stalagmites and stalactites formations. 

It was Palm Sunday when I visited the cave alone. From Antipolo City, I rode a tricycle to the site. Special trip costs Php120.00 but since I travelled along with 3 passengers who were dropped along the way, I only pay PhP60.00. The caretaker asked for a 40-peso entrance which includes a tour guide inside the cave. Since I was alone, I had to wait for some visitors to be with.

While waiting, I trekked further to see Antipolo’s version of Mt. Calvary which is located on the hilltop of the Mystical cave.

A cross on top of "Mount Calvary" in Antipolo

A cross on top of “Mount Calvary” in Antipolo


Show is the Image of Jesus Christ leaning on a rock

Inside the Mystical Cave are interesting features inert to it. Below are the random images shot inside the cave.


Image of Pieta at Mystical Cave


“Wishing Heart” Lovers can wish here for their lasting relationship

Mystical Cave The Visitation

The Visitation

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  • Marishka_122008

    may entrance ba sa mystical cave????

    • iAn

      The collect 40 pesos entrance fee for maintenance..

      • Bmenciso

        hi alam nyo ba kung panu makapunta sa mystical cave from loreland resort?

        • iAn

          Ang Loreland Farm Resort ay nasa south ng Antipolo Town Proper while Mystical cave is on the Eastern side…So, para makapunta sa Mystical Cave, punta kayo sa Antipolo Town Proper (church or Cityhall area) from Loreland. Then take a trike to the Mystical Cave. The fare from the Church to the Mystical Cave costs around PhP120 per trip for up to 4 persons.

          • rex

            pano mkapunta kapag galing ka ng antipolo church??

            • iAn

              Rex, there are trikes that offer Php120 one-way ride to Mystical Cave in the Area. You can ask the tricycle drivers. Or walk towards the city hall and ask the folks as to where the terminal to La Salle is.