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Melaka River at dusk

My sweats were dripping fast. My shirt turned darker with the pretty obvious wet discoloration. Though it was late in the afternoon, the tropical heat radiated as if it was high noon. And so, I took a break from my stroll. It was almost two hours since I started exploring by foot though. I found this dessert bar along the riverbank just across Christ Church. I occupied a vacant seat with Read more

jalan sultan ismail footbridge

It was my first time in Kuala Lumpur. I arrived via a bus from Singapore. The only information I had was I am alighting at Puduraya. I had pre-booked my accommodation at Agoda and I used that as assurance that I’ll have a good place to stay. The problem, however, was getting to the hotel from Puduraya. Luckily, I had the address of Tune Hotel Downtown KL – that lessened the worry a bit. The bus Read more

The Observation Deck at the 86/F of Petronas Twin Towers

I intentionally scheduled my visit few minutes before sunset—a time when the sun starts to disappear from the horizon and a moment when the tinge of the heaven alters. I expected for a radiant, vivid, and vibrant skyline. Yes, I already imagined that the sunset would be spectacular at the top of Petronas Twin Towers. I made the preparations in such a way that I won’t mess up the plan. Read more

On-board the Hop-on Hop-off bus

Getting on a bus that would bring you to all of the popular destinations in Kuala Lumpur using one single ticket is a genius idea. Aside from the comfort of getting a public transport, no tourist would get lost. The Kuala Lumpur Hop-on Hop-off bus will get you to your desired destination within the city. Hop-off to explore, and when done, wait for another bus to hop-on. With the 30-45 minutes Read more

A view of downtown Kuala Lumpur from KL Tower observation deck

I couldn’t beat my acrophobia if I won’t challenge it. Though slight, it is still bothersome to some situations. After recovering from minor leg twitches, I immediately obtained the discounted Menara KL (KL Tower) observation deck voucher ticket from the hop-on hop-off bus. That wasn’t part of the plan, though I had in mind to clobber the highest reachable height of Petronas Twin Towers. Menara KL sells observation deck tickets for MYR49 (₱600) Read more

Petronas Twin Towers

I travel on shoestring budget, so I grab every saving options to keep my expenses at minimum. Hence, when I travel, I looked for options online for me to buy my attraction passes at a discount. When I traveled to Hong Kong years ago, I bought my attraction passes online weeks prior. I got them at huge discounts. On the top of my list in my Kuala Lumpur visit is Read more

An awesome sunset at Petronas Twin Towers

The structure is so majestic as it stands proud and paramount in Malaysia. When I got to its greatest height, I realized that it was even more stunning. I could relate as to why people at the top would do whatever it takes to remain in their post – it is because falling is really scary and painful. Anyway, back to my visit to Petronas Twin Towers, I was able Read more