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How to Commute in Baguio

How to Commute in Baguio

Visiting Baguio is an expensive trip. A round trip fare from Manila to Baguio will cost you nearly a thousand pesos while the hotel accommodation may cost you another thousand or two. You still have to pay for your meals and of course, buy bring-home presents. Another expense is paying for a taxi fee for your tour, which rates peg at 2,000 to 3,500 pesos.

If you are in a tight budget, you can have a one-day Baguio City tour. I prepared a one day itinerary, which is comfortable enough for your visit. Another way to save on your trip is to commute (by jeepney) when hopping on the tourist spots on your list.

Below is the commuting guide you can use as reference in your trip.

Going to Teachers Camp, Baguio Botanical Garden, Wright Park, The Mansion, Good Shepherds Convent, and Mines View Park

You can reach Teachers Camp, Baguio Botanical Garden, Wright Park, The Mansion, Good Shepherds Convent, and Mines View Park by riding a single jeepney route, the BAGUIO-PLAZA-MINES VIEW v/v route. The terminal is located along Lower Mabini Street.

When you are at the Session Road facing Maharlika Livelihood Complex (SM City Baguio at your far back), walk until you reach McDonalds, turn left, walk a little more, and then look for the jeepneys travelling to Mines View Park.

On your way to Mines View Park are Teachers Camp, Baguio Botanical Garden, Wright Park, and The Mansion, so you can ask the driver to drop you off at the spots you like in between (see the map as your guide). Note that jeepneys in Baguio do not use placards stating all places they’ll pass along the way.

What I did: I did not visit the Teachers Camp. I got off at the Botanical garden, took a short walk to The Mansion, then strolled around at the Wright Park. I waited for the same jeepney along Gibraltar Road (beside Wright Park) and reached Mines View Park and Good Shepherds Convent, which are walking distance away from each other. I rode the same jeepney route when I returned to the city Proper.

Baguio to Mines View Park

Terminal and Route of Jeepney from the City Proper to Mines View Park

Going to Port del Pilar (Philippine Military Academy or PMA)

The jeepney terminal to PMA is located in across Hotel Veniz. From Session Road, you can turn left at Lower Mabini Street. Walk further and cross Harrison Road then turn right. Turn left right after passing the staircase of the overpass. You can politely ask anyone which jeepney travels to PMA. The jeepney has the route of BAGUIO-PLAZA-KIAS-PMA-Springhills-Apugan v/v.

The jeepney will drop you along Loakan Road beside the Runway and you can wait for the PMA Bus to pick you up. For some cases, jeepneys are allowed to enter Port del Pilar. Ride the same jeepney if you want to go back to the City.

Please see the map below for your reference.

Port del Pilar (PMA) jeepney terminal

Map of Port del Pilar (PMA) jeepney terminal (clink on the image to see full size)

Going to Camp John Hay

At the same jeepney terminal where your ride a jeepney to PMA, ask the barkers in the area on which jeepney travels to Camp John Hay. This bears a route of BAGUIO-PLAZA-SCOUT BARRIO v/v.

TIP: When Camp John Hay comes after your PMA visit in your itinerary, the BAGUIO-PLAZA-KIAS-PMA-Springhills-Apugan v/v jeepney that you ride from PMA back to the terminal will pass Cam John Hay. You can ask the driver to drop you at the entrance.

Going to Tam-Awan Village

From the jeepney terminal that brings you to Camp John Hay and PMA, take a short walk towards Hotel Veniz, and then take the overpass to cross both Shanum Street and Harrision Road. Walk along Harrison Road and Albano Street until you reach Shagem Street then turn right.

A jeepney with BAGUIO-PLAZA-QUEZON HILL-TAM-AWAN v/v route waits for passengers there. You can ask someone on which jeepney is leaving next. Note that the jeepneys drop off point is still few meters away from Tam-Awan Village so you still need a short walk.

The map below will guide you to the location of the Terminal.

Tam-awan jeepney terminal

Map of Tam-Awan Village Jeepney Terminal (click on the image to see full size)

Going to Lourdes Grotto

From Tam-Awan jeepney terminal, walk further and turn right at Kayang Street. You can ask the locals as to which jeepney travels to Lourdes Grotto. But if Lourdes Grotto comes after your Tam-Awan Village trip, you can ride the same jeepney that brings you at Tam-Awan (BAGUIO-PLAZA-QUEZON HILL-TAM-AWAN v/v route) and get off after passing Naguilian Road intersection. Walk towards Naguilian, and then turn left at Dominican Hill Road.

Please see the Map Below.

Tam-awan and Lourdes Grotto jeepney terminal

Map of Tam-awan and Lourdes Grotto jeepney terminal (click on the image to see full size)

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  • Mark

    hello. My friends and I are planning to go on a trip. we are still minors. our trip will be Baguio-vigan-pagudpud. we are on a money tight so we will just take commutes in getting to our destination. I will be asking on how to commute in baguio and its fare.

    Baguio destination:

    Burnham park
    Minesview park
    Camp John Hay
    Kennon road
    Tam-awan village
    Asin hot springs
    Strawberry farm.

    Our hotel is near in Lourdes Grotto. Thank you

  • Helen gatbonton

    i love baguio city.clean and green place that id love to

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  • Carl

    hi…. how can go from burnham park to mines view
    from mines view to lourdes grotto
    from lourdes grotto to sm?

    please help me.. i need a detailed direction

  • Macky

    Hi, may i ask if from the good shepherd i need to go back to the city proper if i want to go in camp john hay. If i will ride a taxi, how much will it cost me probably? Thanks for this blog! It really helps.

  • Van

    Hi, saang terminal ssakay going to Benguet State University?

  • jun Bert

    paano po magcommute from strawberry farm to Bell Church?thanks po…

    • iAn

      Sakyan mo po ang jeep na pabalik ng Baguio (dun ka sumakay sa tapat ng binabaan nung papunta ka pa lang ng strawberry farm) tapos sabihin niyo sa driver na ibaba kayo sa Bell Church.

      • Norman Edy Carullo

        Hi! Ian my family and I are planning to go to Baguio this Christmas your one day tour itenerary is so helpful and we’re planning this as our itenerary too….but we are planning to squeeze in a quick trip to strawberry farm….any advice sir and what route to take if we plan to go to strawberry farm first and resume with your guided itinerary? which place to go to after strawberry farm and so on and so on…thank you sir and merry christmas….

      • Norman Edy Carullo

        BTW sir our estimated time of arrival is between 5AM – 6AM

        • The Strawberry Farm is already in La Trinidad, Sir but you can do it after your lunch, then return to the city proper to proceed on your next stop.

          If you travel with your family, I suggest you hiring a van for a day – that will save you from commute hassles, etc.

          • Norman Edy Carullo

            We already have that covered sir we already rented a van…our only problem now is how to fix our itinerary our initiial plan is to go to strawberry farm first and we are in the dark on where to go next….any advice on where to go next after benguet we plan to take your itinerary sir? Thank you

            • If you are taking this itinerary: http://www.freedomwall.net/travel/baguio-city-one-day-itinerary/, you head to Camp John Hay immediately after your PMA visit. You can also have your lunch there then proceed to the Strawberry Farm. Tam-awan village may follow after.

              • Norman Edy Carullo

                Thank you sir!

                • Norman Edy Carullo

                  hello sir iAn me again BTW my brother just text me his planned itinerary and here goes

                  Early Breakfast @ Benguet
                  Strawberry Farm
                  Bell Church
                  Baguio Cathedral
                  Baguio Botanical Garden
                  Wright Park
                  The Mansion
                  Good Shepherd Convent
                  Mines View Park
                  Outlook Drive -Lunch
                  Lourdes Grotto
                  Burnham Park

                  My Question now sir is Can we squeeze this in just a day? or were just wasting our time on the road? appreceate the feed back sir

  • Rich

    very informative… I plan to travel and this is a big help for me. Will wait for your next travel adventure and it’s itinerary.

    • iAn

      Thanks, Rich!

  • April

    Hi! Thank you for this post! I would like to ask if you have a guide in commuting to Strawberry Farm? Do I have to go back to City Proper if I plan on going from Strawberry Field then to Tam-awan Village?

    • iAn

      Hi April, Strawberry Farm is in La Trinidad…You can wait for a La Trinidad-bound jeepney along Gen Luna near University of Baguio and tell the driver to drop you at the street going to Strawberry Farm – then take a short work to reach the place.

      You need to go back to Baguio if you plan to visit Tam-Awan after that.

  • HElo thank you for this information im planning to take a cab to go some tourist spot when we get there in baguio this may 10 2013 but all of a sudden a found your wall so i would rather prefer to take a jeepney together w/ locals and it would be a great fun!! and not to costly! Thanks

    • iAn

      Thanks Laurence! Enjoy your trip!

  • mulan

    thank you for this blog.. very helpful for first timer in Baguio like me. ^_^ and the maps.. just what i need since i want to carry a map with me while strolling.. thnx much.. keep it up..

    • iAn

      Hi Mulan, I am glad that I can help. Thanks!

    • iAn

      Thanks Lenlen, I’m happy that the article helped you out.

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    • iAn

      You are most welcome, Katrina. Enjoy your trip.