Taipei 101 from below
Taipei 101 from below

Challenging the Great Height of Taipei 101: The Life Lessons

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Scaling Taipei 101

We scaled the view deck at the top floor of Taipei 101, anticipating that it would be much better up there. We were never wrong. It felt so good. We can see how the world progressed thus far. The horizon was pretty amazing.

But it was sad. We had no idea what was happening below. The flickering street lights stir much of our curiosity. The emotion is quite familiar, which is exactly how we feel while looking up the clear, starry sky at night. There is so much unraveled mystery that we always wanted to comprehend.

Taipei 101 viewdeck (Ian Limpangog)
Taipei 101 viewdeck

Sometimes, our view was hindered, the entire surroundings is covered with fog. We were blinded.

And so, we went down, and we saw this view. Truly majestic!

Taipei 101 from below
Taipei 101 from below

The Life Lessons

At one point of our lives, we struggle to get to the top because we think that it is the best place on earth that we could ever go. We thought of it as paradise, that we would love the feeling and pride to be above everyone else.

When we got there, we realized how sad the place is. It is like living in an incomprehensible scale of isolation. It is much miserable to those who cling on to that place.

We can see everything, but not every detail of it. Up there, we have no idea what ordinary people feel, what their sentiments are, and what makes them happy despite staying at the bottom.

Few of us would go down to experience another perspective. And then we learn that the view from below is much more amazing.

We realized that extraordinary experiences are earned by living the ordinary way.

This is just an ordinary travel, but I learned great life lessons.

So guys, explore what is beyond the corners of your daily routines.

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