A Memorable Underwater Adventure at Coron, Palawan

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February 25 to 28 when a team of five – me including 4 of my friends and office mates flocked at NAIA 3 to fly to one of Philippines’ premier summer getaways – Coron, Palawan. After touchdown at Busuanga Airport, officially Francisco B. Reyes Airport, we traveled 30 to 45 minutes to get to our accommodation.

We then checked in to our hotel and took a tricycle ride to the foot of Mt. Tapyas. We started our adventure with an exasperating hike to the top of the 740-step hill. Atop is the picturesque panorama of the beautifully carved floating massif, the Coron Island, which looked more like a sleeping giant.

It was then followed by a sumptuous dinner at Kawayanan Grill Station and an inihaw treat at the town’s sidewalk.

Kawayanan Grill Coron Palawan
Kawayanan Grill Coron Palawan (striking the pose were Jay, Patti, Lyndi, and me)

On our second day, we went to the wet market to shop for our 2-day meal for the 2-day island hopping. We were too lucky when our boatman offered to cook for us (which I believe is commonly practiced). We then sailed to Bulog Island, a white sand wonder and a snorkeling site, to start our first underwater adventure. Travel time was two hours from the town proper. The island is indeed rich of marine life and one proof for that is the large clam we caught (which we returned afterwards).

Bulog Island big catch Coron
Our Big Catch at Bulog Island is live shellfish (Clam)

We also visited the Malcapuya Island which is known for its fine white sand beach comparable to that of Boracay and put up a Camp at Banana Island where we spent our night.

Our third day started with a rough navigation from Banana Island to Coron Island. It was a fine day but the wind (Northeast Monsoon) was strong enough to enrage the water surface. But after such soul-snatching trip, we relaxed at Bahul Island. Aside from the colorful marine life, shipwreck diving is the main attraction of Bahul bay. It was one of my best underwater adventure ever.

Bahul Island Coron Shipwreck
Kuya Jason, our boatman, dived to the bow of the Shipwreck
Bahul Island Coron Swimming with Fishes
Swimming with Fishes at Bahul Island Coron
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Swimming close with fishes, an awesome underwater experience.
Swimming close with fishes, an awesome underwater experience at Bahul Island.

We also made a stop and swam across the waters of Twin Lagoon and the famous Cayangan Lake and ended our water escapade with a relaxing bath at the hot spring.

Cayangan (Kayangan) Coron Palawan
Gateway to Cayangan (Kayangan) Lake in Coron Island, Palawan
twin lagoon underwater gateway
Twin Lagoon Underwater Gateway

A dinner at Bistro Coron culminated our day.

Marxtermind, who was with us during the trip prepared a guide for your future visit at Coron. Please visit his blog at Maxtermind.com.

Thanks John Marx for the photos.

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