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The Harvest Hotel Staircase

When things become really difficult, I kick the normal weekend routine and spend some quality time somewhere else, a place outside the metro but would not deprive me from the basic stuff such as the internet, a good place to eat, and a private place to relax and think over my decisions. The Harvest Hotel in Cabanatuan was one of the places that interest me. It was fairly new at the Read more

You may be asking if going to Minalungao is worth an effort and money especially when you are coming way down south. The answer is a big yes. Here are the things you can do in Minalungao National Park. Picnic and Camping Contrary to a popular belief, Minalungao isn’t just for day tour but for overnight campers too. You can spend a night or two with your friends or even Read more

When I heard about it the first time, I always wanted to see Minalungao National Park. However, I wasn’t able to find time or a willing companion. Well, my other impediment was the expense since going solo is costlier, which is definitely not a good idea. Monday last week, I prepared an itinerary with the corresponding expenses and presented it to my officemates. Included destinations were Minalungao National Park and Read more

June this year (2013), I was looking for a place that’ll spare me from the usual dousing on the feast of St. John the Baptist. Getting wet is fun but I wanted something that is different. So I googled for some other things to do and I stumbled to this kind of festival celebrated in a remote town of Nueva Ecija, the Taong Putik Festival.

Shutter is a photo section of Freedom Wall. Today’s features are photos of Taong Putik (Mud People). Locals of Barangay Bibiclat, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija call it a devotion to Saint John de Baptist or pag-sa-San Juan but tourist commercially name it: Taong Putik Festival.

While the rest of the Catholic universe are getting wet and splashy to celebrate the feast of Saint John the Baptist, Barangay Bibiclat’s residents and devotees cover themselves with mud. Taong Putik Festival (that how outsiders named the event) is celebrated every 24th of June to honor and give thanks to the village’s patron. Locals called the religious ritual as pag-sa-San Juan. They soak their selves with mud from the Read more